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WorkSafe: CEO and Chair resign over Fiskville
ACT Government: no longer using Comcare
Twin study lends new insights into link between back pain and depression
Workplace negativity can hurt productivity
Meditation can reduce chronic neck pain
UK 'Fit note' linked to fewer people taking long term sick leave
Patients with mental illness less likely to receive diet, exercise advice
Will Comcare expansion leave workers behind?
How stress can lead to inequality
Mobile app with evidence-based decision support diagnoses more obesity, smoking, and depression
Treadmill desks offer limited benefits, pose challenges in the workplace
Workplace bullying a vicious circle
Stress linked to worse recovery in women after heart attack
Health InterACTion: Health Benefits of Work Programme
Office desk change triggers difficult compensation case
Higher mortality risk in individuals with mental health disorders
How mindfulness training affects health
Depression: a barrier to communication in couples?
Higher opioid doses associated with depression increase
Most patients "overestimate" treatment benefits
Upcoming review for WorkCover Victoria
Rebranded WorkCover posting improvements
Widening health inequalities among adolescents internationally
Acute psychological stress reduces ability to withstand physical pain
Employees may avoid talking about work-related asthma
The Wellness Syndrome: Is our obsession hurting people?
Diet and nutrition essential for mental health
Feelings of loneliness and depression linked to binge-watching television
Parental time pressure and mental health problems among children
Anxiety in Australia at record high
Study finds texting may be more suitable than apps in treatment of mental illness
Doctors' fees scrutinised amidst "over-diagnosis"
Tips for resilience in the workplace
Work is good for you
Would you tell your manager you had a mental health problem?
Reducing work-family conflicts in the workplace helps people to sleep better
Poor psychosocial work environments may contribute to heart problems
Worksite health promotion programmes: why don’t people participate?
Insomnia can predict back pain
Mental health workers don't recognise their own burnout
Long working hours are linked to risky alcohol consumption
Obesity-related work absences are "financial drain"
Fragrances and illness in the workplace
Why don’t people participate in worksite health promotion programmes?
Insomnia can predict the appearance of back pain in adults
Strong connection between burnout and depression
Hugs help protect against stress and infection
Health coaching with gym membership works best for obese, mentally ill people
Three OHS lessons from legal cases
Interview with Xchanging’s Marc Diffey
The protective power of social groups
How to be mentally healthy in 2015
Workplace psych injuries "firmly on the radar": HR expert
Injured worker support improves in NSW
Assaulted public service worker denied comp
QLD work-related injuries rate falling
An exploration of the basis for patient complaints about the oldness of magazines in practice waiting rooms: cohort study
Do workplace wellness plans actually improve health?
Any job isn't necessarily better for health
Twitter posts may shine a fresh light on mental illness trends
Wealth, power or lack thereof at heart of many mental disorders
Injured worker costs being shifted to Centrelink and Medicare: NSW Law Society
Sleep deprivation will ruin your career
For docs, more biology info means less empathy for mental health patients
People in unhappy places are depressed more than a week a month
Computer-based therapy for anxiety
Social support for men who have cancer
Commuting linked to lower life satisfaction
Worker Assist app helps injured workers track their compensation claim
How to navigate a boozy holiday period
"Trigger" for stress processes discovered in the brain
Mindfulness treatment as effective as CBT for depression and anxiety
Women with mental illness less likely to receive cancer screenings
Complex jobs may protect memory and thinking: Study
Immune response caused by stress triggers mental disorders
Canberra scientists discover cheaper, easier way to manufacture drugs
Job authority increases depression symptoms in women, decreases them in men
Obesity-related work absences are 'financial drain'
New research centre to tackle musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace
WorkCover Victoria denies stress claim crisis
ATO injury premiums skyrocketing
Psychologists warn against "medicalising" workplace stress
Brain protein influences how the brain manages stress; suggests new model of depression
Employees offered financial incentives were 33 times more likely to participate in wellness programs
Could depression actually be a form of infectious disease?
Being a workaholic is bad for you and everyone around you
Teachers' claims reach $7.4m
New regime to replace WorkCover
Opioid OD cause for over 100,000 ED visits
Research shows easy-to-walk communities can blunt cognitive decline
Sense of meaning and purpose in life linked to longer lifespan
A strong welfare state mitigates the impact of the Great Recession
Changes in speech of people with depression could be used to help monitor mental health
Resilience training preventing burnout
Even mild depressive symptoms result in poorer lumbar spinal stenosis surgery outcome
Walking workstations improve physical and mental health
PS comp claims hit $1 billion
Victorian job stress claims snowball to $273m
ACT public service tops mental health claims
Charities stunned by significant WorkCover levy increases
Study estimates persistent pain incidence at 19% of U.S. adults
People with mental health disorders twice as likely to have heart disease or stroke
Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs may have an impact on depression
4th Australasian Compensation Health Research Forum
Mental health initiatives a priority for FIFO employers, AMMA tells government inquiry
Leisure time physical activity linked to lower depression risk
Women more likely to develop anxiety and depression after heart attack
Official apology from WorkCover to bullied manager
PS workers' comp reforms "harsh and unjust"
5 tips for a mentally healthy workplace
Stress, engagement and productivity
Employers sceptical of work from home
Welfare reform must include employment help for mentally ill
Patients with catastrophising disorder more likely to develop chronic pain after surgery
Physical and emotional wellbeing directly connected to social hierarchy
NSW SafeWork finalists announced
Why do we stigmatise and ignore depression?
How to predict who will suffer the most from stress
Incidence of depression increasing
Predicting the future course of psychotic illness
People in pain pay more attention to pain words
5 ways stress interrupts good sleep, and how to fix it
Govt. to focus on public service "compo culture"
Perfectionism a risk factor for suicide
Group nature walks linked to improved mental health
Eating five a day may keep the blues away
How physical exercise protects the brain from stress-induced depression
WorkCover reports full steam ahead for Geelong move
Radio report: Stress and claiming compensation
Metro "intimidating" injured drivers
Relief for plantar fasciitis
Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood worsens musculoskeletal pain outcomes after trauma exposure
Burnout caused by more than just job stress
Mental illness and suicide claims impacting on insurers
Working during depression can offer health benefits to employees
Walking or cycling to work improves wellbeing
Comcare announces WHS Awards
Online mindfulness intervention reduces fatigue and negative work-related worry
Proactive office ergonomics can increase job satisfaction and employee retention
People who embrace growing old found to have better mental health
Another win for Federal Government in physio crackdown
PS employee says telling-off from boss caused breakdown
Stigma as a barrier to mental health care
Research hints at why stress is more devastating for some
When offering someone a job hurts more than it helps
Healthy Australian workplaces lead by example
The battle over opioids
Addiction fears prevent cancer patients from seeking pain relief
Many employees would forego pay rise for boss firing
Three-quarters of depressed cancer patients do not receive treatment for depression
Why plants in the office make us more productive
101 and still happy at work
Be sceptical of back pain "quick fix" steroid injections
Feeling bad at work can be a good thing
Cognitive-behavioural coping skills training has positive effects on rheumatoid arthritis
Mindfulness-based depression therapy reduces health care visits
Combined drugs and therapy most effective for severe nonchronic depression
A day in the life of a private claim investigator
Worker assist smartphone app now available
Shift workers: evidence for sleep inducing and alertness drugs is weak
Mind and body: Scientists identify immune system link to mental illness
Less stress when work relationships are good
Men viewed more favorably than women when seeking work-life balance
Return to Work Bill: Proposed changes to the WorkCover system in SA
One out of five adult orthopaedic trauma patients sought additional providers for narcotic prescriptions
Work-related stress is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes
Natural light in the office boosts health
Mental health coaching improves outcomes for people with diabetes and epression
WorkCover rebranded Return to Work
ABC Focus on stress and adversity at work
Web-surfing at work has its benefits
Potential new predictor of stress-related illnesses
NSW injured workers get raw deal
National workers' comp within reach?
A new brain-based marker of stress susceptibility
Acupuncture provides significant quality of life improvements among breast cancer patients: Study
Seven traits of the "mentally tough"
Paracetamol doesn't help back pain
Jennifer Taylor will replace Paul O'Connor as CEO of Comcare
The importance of work in health recovery
Extra exercise helps depressed smokers kick the habit faster
Obesity linked to low endurance, increased fatigue in the workplace
The secret video weapon against back pain
National Pain Week
The bitter taste of WorkCover SA
Work siestas improving productivity
Business needs to play its part in disability employment
Obesity worsened by stress
Telecare intervention improves chronic pain
Adults with mental illness twice as likely to use tobacco
Changes to Comcare coverage
Hot-desking evolving into "informal" workspaces
The cost of pulling a "sickie"
NSW to reverse cuts to WorkCover benefits
BMW 3D prints augmented thumbs for workers
WorkCover WA implements new certificates of capacity
New pain research could lead to targeted pain medication
A four day working week?
Poor physical, financial health driven by same factors
Only 25 minutes of mindfulness meditation alleviates stress
How you cope with stress may increase your risk for insomnia
List of state and territory anti-bullying resources
One in 10 deaths among working-age adults due to excessive drinking
Men and women use mental health services differently
Little progress made in reducing health disparities for people with disabilities
Comprehensive review of treatments for depression in cancer patients
Doctors ignore guidelines for safe use of NSAIDs in older people
Victorian WorkCover premiums to fall
WorkCover NSW inquiry prompts calls for new anti-bullying laws
Preventing the development of depression at work
Job loss linked with higher incidence of depression in Americans compared with Europeans
Study shows cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation counselling during hospitalisation
Pain pilot explores hand shiatsu treatment as sleep aid
Firefighters dismiss new cancer panel
Depression in the elderly linked to Alzheimer's risk
Diabetes distress v. depression: misdiagnosis?
Opioid use prior to spine surgery linked to diminished patient-reported outcomes
Victorian Health and Safety Awards now open
Two hours a day behind the wheel could be making you sick
Men's health week focuses on increasing GP visits
Task force proposes standards for research on chronic low back pain
Poor sleep equal to binge drinking, drug use
Bullying is a $13 billion issue
Small businesses less likely to offer health promotion programs
Poor health, lifestyle factors linked to memory complaints, even among younger adults
Quality, not quantity, counts most in exercise and diet
Why we hate work and how to fix it
Whiplash treatment study
Dialysis patients' anxiety, depression linked to physical impairments
Dealing with stress: to cope or to quit?
Appeal of wellbeing apps often short-lived
Cuts to workers' comp unnecessary, study finds
Implications of mandatory flu vaccinations for health-care workers
Research points to need to improve relationships in the workplace
Thousand on workers' comp could be disadvantaged by "earn or learn" measures
Connection between bullying and health problems
Many mental illnesses reduce life expectancy more than heavy smoking
Achieving patient-centered care across the spectrum
Thousands lose access to lump sum compensation
Obese employees cost employers thousands in extra medical costs
Cognitive behavioural or relaxation training helps women reduce distress during breast cancer treatment
Obsessive-compulsive disorder questionnaire may give clues to other mental health problems
Living with Pain surveys 2014
Government needs to properly manage cutbacks or face human costs
Social workers can help patients recover from mild traumatic brain injuries
Quick test can help spot depressed teenagers
Collaboration between psychologists and physicians important to improving primary health care
Just keep your promises: Going above and beyond does not pay off
Perceived age, weight discrimination worse for health than perceived racism, sexism
Merely observing stressful situations can trigger a physical stress response
Out of shape? Your memory may suffer
CWRU researchers profile women's employment, caregiving workloads, effort and health
Simple tests of physical capability in midlife linked with survival
Light activity every day keeps disability at bay
Exercise more and eat less? There's a lot more to it
Mental illness still stigmatised at work
Taking a walk may lead to more creativity than sitting, study finds
Physical signs of depression common among ICU survivors
Too many chefs: Smaller groups exhibit more accurate decision-making
ACT Gov't accused of ignoring ambulance service bullying claims
Chronic Pain Australia "Living with pain" survey - call for participants
Want to quit smoking? New study says try "self-expanding" activities
New research shows people are thinking about their health early in the week
Creative activities outside work can improve job performance
Workers' comp insurer GIO sees complaints drop
Low tolerance for pain may be genetic
Police WorkCover mental stress claims halved
Why the open office doesn't work
WA employers to see premium drop in 2014/15
Irrational health beliefs linked to skipping cardiac rehab sessions
Reasons for pain after "successful" spinal surgery
Impact of clinician-patient relationship on health outcomes
Optimism associated with lower risk of heart failure
ACT Gov't receives $80m premium bill
SA takes hard line on new WorkCover laws
Mortality risks of being overweight or obese are underestimated
Using a treadmill while working can boost employee productivity
One in three intensive care survivors develop depression that typically manifests as physical symptoms
Depression increases heart failure risk by 40 percent
Beyondblue survey finds disturbing attitudes towards depression
Workers' comp needs 'big picture' reform, not 'politcking'
Stigmas, once evolutionarily sound, are now bad health strategies
Mentally challenging jobs may keep your mind sharp long after retirement
Low back pain accounts for third of all disability linked to work
Mid-year results show WorkCoverSA Scheme on improve
Lifestyle interventions can prevent mild depression in older adults
Amputees disadvantaged under WorkCover changes
We work better when we're happy
Employer claims incidence: More needs to be done
No compensation for PS workers injured on breaks away from workplace
WorkCover SA results on the improve
Filling out those employment questionnaires might reveal more than you think
Study links worker productivity to back surgery
Patient requests for specific drugs have major impact on prescribing, reports study
Older adults: Build muscle and you'll live longer
Boosting self-esteem prevents health problems for seniors
Targeted treatment of back pain sees 50% drop in work absence
Stress of filing injury claim linked with later poor health
WorkCover review finds employers favoured by NSW scheme
Study finds using a treadmill while working can boost employee productivity
People more willing to disclose experience of mental health problems, survey finds
Self-acceptance could be the key to a happier life
New research finds positive health technique for stressed nurses
Panel recommends listing depression as a risk for heart disease
Better workplaces mean less suicides
Simple waiting room test can help diagnose depression and anxiety
Stigma key deterrent in accessing mental health care
Mental health problems mistaken for physical illness in children
An open-plan office can make you ill
The pain of social exclusion
Study finds police work mostly sedentary
Physical therapy intervention reduces injury in custodial workers
Managing chronic bone and joint pain
Stressed WA workers costing almost $1m per month
Pharmacists can help address health system concerns
Minority of workers say their boss does a good job
OECD urges UK to tackle high cost of mental-ill health
Loneliness is a major health risk for older adults
Another reason to not mix work and family
Smoking cessation may improve mental health
Chronic stress predisposes brain to mental illness
Healthy habits pay off in the long term
Being mindful online shown to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and depression
Feeling powerless increases the weight of the world - literally
Symptoms of depression causally linked to risk of coronary heart disease
Beating pain and painkillers
Rural primary care physicians offer insight into rural women's health care
Smokers lack motivation, feel more tired and are less physically active than non-smokers
Feeling "in control" helps some live a longer life
Obesity starts in kindergarten
Whether you lose or gain weight depends on weekdays
Two stressed people equals less stress
Is medical imaging giving us cancer?
Premiums could drop to 2 per cent
Just one question may gauge the severity of unhealthy drug and alcohol use
Depression higher than previously reported in people with rheumatoid arthritis
Gossip and ostracism may have hidden group benefits
Do doctors spend too much time looking at the comupter screen?
Patient participation in surgical safety checklist a win-win
Even without a diagnosis, psychiatric symptoms affect work outcomes
How some painkillers actually intensify pain
Married men should watch their waistlines
Shift work sleep patterns can disrupt genes: study
People who enjoy life maintain better physical function as they age
Parental leave policies best promote gender equity and women's wellbeing
Handling a bad boss
Government defends plan to change Disability Support Pensions
How to help our $54 billion stress problem
Knee surgery does very little for some
Bullying claims expected to rise
Want better work-life balance? Exercise
Workplace wellness programs can cut chronic illness costs
Meaningful work makes people happy, not money
World's first standing classroom in Melbourne
A concussion can lead to depression years later
Online tool aids clinicians' efforts to treat injured workers
Exercise counters the physiological effects of Christmas excess
Exercise can reduce drug-related joint pain in breast cancer patients
Rise in stress claims causes budget blowout for Comcare
Vitamin D decreases pain in women with Type 2 Diabetes and depression
Study finds parental stress linked to obesity in children
Working odd shifts can hurt parent-child relationships
Home-based exercise as rehabiltation
Frequent cell phone use linked to anxiety and reduced happiness in students
Regular physical activity in later life boosts likelihood of 'healthy aging' up to sevenfold
Need inspiration? Let's get physical!
Health insurance increases preventive care but not risky behaviours
Rise in claims see growing life insurance premiums
Mobility explains the association between social activity and mortality risk in older people
Mental health conditions cause greater stigma in families than physical problems
Living with chronic pain: the daily struggle
Report finds health and fitness problems for FIFO workers
Tertiary qualifications increasing requirement for claims managers
The lowdown on obtaining pre-existing injury details from employees
Fun at work promotes employee retention but may hurt productivity
Smokers who quit cut heart disease risk faster than previous estimates
Long-term unemployment may accelerate ageing
Increase in claims hits life insurer TAL
WorkCover "buggered" says SA Deputy Premier John Rau
Depression second leading cause of global disability
Chronic pain and emotional distress often treated With risky medications
Depression in Australian workplaces more 'hidden' than in Europe
Chronic diseases taking up more of GPs' time
Few high-quality guidelines exist for prescribing opioids to pain patients
Nurture impacts nature: Experiences leave genetic mark on brain, behaviour
Job strain helps explain adverse effects of workaholism
Understanding women's chronic pain
Hypersensitivity to pain produced by early life stress is worsened by later stress exposure
Research reveals roles for exercise and diet in aging, depression
WorkCover NSW back in surplus, premiums drop
Government signals Comcare changes, no timetable yet
Knowing who their physician is boosts patient satisfaction
Long-term use of prescription-based painkillers Increases the risk of depression
The negative consequences of noise on overall health
Medical students taught meditation techniques to prevent burnout and improve care
Moral in the morning, dishonest in the afternoon
News that is better or worse than expected influences health decisions
AMP shares diving due to income protection products
Bureaucrats urged to use social media to identify workers' comp fraud
Reading this in a meeting? Women are twice as likely as men to be offended by smartphone use
New biological links between sleep deprivation and the immune system discovered
Can anyone really multitask?
The motivating factors behind "hazing"
"Paying it forward": goodness gone viral
The evolutionary benefit of human personality traits
Dwelling on negative events biggest cause of stress
Cognitive behaviour therapy successful in treating health anxiety
Fear feeds the pain
Studies show how critical sleep is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Doctors who make eye contact seem more empathetic to patients
WorkSafe Week 2013: last week of registrations
Belgian government wants to send doctors to check up on sick-day workers
Employers not doing enough to address the stress taboo
Psychological interventions halve deaths and CV events in heart disease patients
Correcting emotional misunderstandings
Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health
WorkCover QLD considering making claiming harder
Musicians suffering for their art
GPs unlikely to recommend alternative duties for injured workers
Exercise "potentially as effective" as many drugs for common diseases
Long-term cognitive impairment too common after critical illness
WorkSafe Awards finalists announced
This week is Mental Health Week
Investing in employees' health leads to increased productivity
Eye contact may make people more resistant to persuasion
Public service managers given bullying warning
Simple, two-question survey accurately screens cancer patients for depression
Acupuncture or counselling plus usual care may improve depression symptoms
Debt linked to mental health problems
Can't sleep? Quit smoking
Treating depression helps some smokers quit
Warning on psychological impact of public service cuts
John Walsh's WorkCover update
Record safety performance delivers solid result in Victoria
Anxiety is a greater risk factor for suicide than depression
Treating depression helps some smokers quit
Entitlement-minded workers more likely to claim bosses mistreat them
Many people with depression suffer in silence
Companies with a 'Culture of Health' may outperform others in the marketplace
Study finds men are more likely to develop physical illness than women
Exercise for depression: Some benefits but better trials are needed
Positive emotion influences a depressive-to-happy state and increases life satisfaction
Diet is associated with the risk of depression
Bullying a task for whole workplace to solve
Trying to be happier really can work
Report calls on policy makers to make happiness a key measure and target of development
Can you predict complications with back surgery? Preoperative factors increase risk
Women missing out on exercise
Ability to delay gratification may be linked to social trust
'Negative Working Conditions Score' linked to depressive symptoms
The "un-level" playing fields of WorkCover
Mental and substance use disorders cause rise in global disease burden
Winter depression not as common as many think
A wine a day...
Even mild stress can make it difficult to control your emotions
Study shows mindfulness training can help reduce stress and burnout
Implementing healthy lifestyles at work
Mood is influenced by immune cells called to the brain in response to tress
Money can motivate employees to lose weight, economics researcher reports
Workplace stress can double your risk of heart disease
Shorter working hours do not guarantee happier workers
Well-being not a priority for workaholics
Help improve the workers’ compensation system in South Australia
Excercise takes time to treat insomnia
Impact of debt on mental and physical health
Worms may shed light on human ability to handle chronic stress
Report finds no bullying at CSIRO after 130 allegations
Does chronic pain affect a spouse's sleep?
Researchers debunk myth of right-brain and left-brain personality traits
Change in direction for WorkCover?
WorkSafe cracks down on payments
Tidy desk or messy desk? Each has its benefits
Telephone coaching does not reduce hospital use and related costs
Effect of job stress on heart disease is "limited"
Thinking about family matters linked to stress for working mothers, not dads
Alleged breach of staffing rules in new Workcover Independent Review Office
New guide promotes mental wellbeing at work
Listen to ABC Radio National podcast on back pain guidelines
Why are we failing to return more injured people to work?
Bureaucrat injured with whiplash wins compensation
Stress early in life leads to adulthood anxiety and preference for "comfort foods"
Requiring some patients to get mental health treatment saves money
Psychotherapy via internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations
Interview highlights bottom-line damage caused by bullying, stress
New mental health guide for agencies
Public service stress claims soaring
Police officers at less risk of PTSD than previously thought
Optimists are better at regulating stress
Study shows good doctor-patient relationships facilitate discussions about health care costs
New SANE Australia report calls for action to reduce stigma against mental illness
National Pain Week 22-28 July, 2013
ACTU: Workplace bullying rife, employers need to take responsibility
Swedish study suggests bipolar disorder associated with premature mortality
Study reveals how smoking increases vulnerability to alcohol abuse
Study suggests that moving more may lower stroke risk
Later retirement may help prevent dementia
Glued to your cell phone? It may reduce your physical activity and fitness
Acceptance predicts satisfaction in later life
Avoidance strategies can be valuable stress reliever, says study on work/life/school balance
Not so blue? Study suggests many Americans less depressed
People with depression tend to pursue generalised goals
Tired and edgy? Sleep deprivation boosts anticipatory anxiety
Initiative to create mentally healthy workplaces announced
Deaths from prescription painkiller overdoses rise sharply among women
Doctor-patient communication about dietary supplements needs a boost
Books and puzzles could increase brainpower in old age
Exercise reorganizes the brain to be more resilient to stress
Long term night shifts linked to doubling of breast cancer risk
Farmworkers feel the heat even when they leave the fields
Aging stereotypes can hurt older people's memory
Perception of stress linked to risk of heart attacks
Transformational leadership has positive effects on employee well-being
WorkSafe QLD turns to YouTube to spread safe handling message
SafeWork Australia releases report on depression and bullying
Painkillers are killing us
American Medical Assoc. declares obesity a disease
Getting enough sleep could help prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Study reveals link between sleep deprivation and poor dietary choices
Narcissists have altered brain structure
Stress hormone could trigger mechanism for Alzheimer's
Doctors need independent clinical-practice guidelines
Insurers report slowing profits
Caregiving dads treated disrespectfully at work: Study
Workplace and financial stress lead to poor health choices
Universal paid sick leave reduces spread of flu
Workers do not quit due to mandatory flu shot
20-minute yoga session yeilds better brain results than vigorous aerobic exercise: study
Clear link between perceived stress and an increased incidence of psychosomatic symptoms
Role conflict and emotional demands are 'most important' risk factors for distress in workers
Study links workplace daylight exposure to sleep, activity and quality of life
Time limits on welfare can lead to higher mortality rates
Companies pay almost $6,000 extra per year for each employee who smokes
Workers' compensation needs the CEO's support
Bullying crackdown may inundate Fair Work
Super premiums set to rise
Different types of psychotherapy have similar benefits for depression
Clear link between perceived stress and an increased incidence of psychosomatic symptoms
Bursts of exercise boost health
Dismissed bullying claim defends manager "robustness"
Workplace wellness programs not shifting the weight
SA businesses lost 1500 years of productivity in 2011-12
Catching up on lost sleep
Life expectancy gap widens between those with mental illness and general population
Doctors prescribe more analgesics to women than to men just for being female
Austerity kills
More sleep may decrease the risk of suicide in people with insomnia
Job stress and unhealthy lifestyle increase risk of coronary artery disease compared with stress and healthy lifestyle
Depression linked to stroke risk
Mental disorders and non-communicable diseases should be addressed together
Clinically depressed patients phrase personal goals in less specific terms
Antibiotics could cure 40 per cent of chronic back pain cases
Job stress, unhealthy lifestyle increase risk of coronary artery disease
Providing workplace wellness centers could backfire
Routine screening for depression not recommended for adults with no apparent symptoms of depression
Chronic pain sufferers likely to have anxiety
Parental addictions linked to adult children's depression
Report calls for more medical scrutiny of Comcare claims
Study shows positive impact of mind-body course on well-being of medical students
Risk of depression influenced by quality of relationships
Persistent pain after stressful events may have a neurobiological basis
Self-affirmation improves problem-solving under stress
Increases in heart disease risk factors may decrease brain function
Australia may see influx of workplace mental health claims with release of new diagnostic guide
Effect of social factors on back pain sufferers
Workplace stress poses risk to health
Early cognitive behavioural therapy reduces risk of psychosis
Two in three people with mental health problems report their partners as 'really understanding'
ABC Radio National's Dr Norman Swan explains latest MRI study on lower-back pain
Social stress and the inflamed brain
Patient satisfaction with hospital stay does not reflect on quality of surgical care
Backbone' of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied
Researchers find out why some stress is good for you
Not everyone likes the company picnic
Demanding physical work associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
WorkSafe Awards open now
When different providers read different scans on same patient
'Well-being risks' contribute to decreased productivity
Study shows pain improves during first year but mental-health problems linger in returning veterans with major limb injuries
New study assesses benefits of cognitive pain relief methods
Google searches about mental illness follow seasonal patterns
ABC podcast: Cognitive functional therapy for low back pain
The incidence of accepted workers' compensation claims for mental stress in Australia
Negative emotional reactions lead to poorer future mental health
Targeting mental defeat among pain patients could prevent anxiety and depression
Foetal exposure to excessive stress hormones in the womb linked to adult mood disorders
Why middle managers suffer the most stress
Study finds dementia care costs among highest of all diseases; comparable to cancer, heart disease
Walking can lower risk of heart-related conditions as much as running
Comcare crackdown
Missed opportunities to help smokers with mental illness
The startling rise of disability in America
What are the signs of burnout?
People with depression may not reap full benefits of healthy behaviours
Cash for weight loss? Works better when employees compete
Anxiety, depression identify heart disease patients at increased risk of dying
Sixty per cent of Internet users go online for health help, few share health info
Work is biggest cause of stress in people's lives
Caffeine can significantly protect against crash risk for long distance heavy vehicle drivers
Probiotics reduce stress-induced intestinal flare-ups
New disorder could classify millions of people as mentally ill
Media coverage of mass shootings contributes to negative attitudes towards mental illness
Research explores links between physical and emotional pain relief
Less sleep leads to more eating and weight gain
Benefits of quitting smoking outpace risk of modest weight gain
Neck injuries linked to high costs for patients and spouses
Dwelling on stressful events can increase inflammation in the body
Job burnout can severely compromise heart health
Know thyself: How mindfulness can improve self-knowledge
People with mental illness at highly increased risk of being murder victims
Poll finds exercise key to good sleep
Researchers reveal how the brain suppresses pain during times of stress
Emotion-health connection not limited to industrialised nations
Nerve damage may underlie widespread, unexplained chronic pain in children
The human and economic cost of daylight savings
Working from home becoming increasingly popular
Researchers look to breath to identify stress
Texting becomes a pain in the neck
Accidents waiting to happen - insider knowledge
Preventing chronic pain with stress management
ADHD takes a toll well into adulthood
Bullied children can suffer lasting psychological harm as adults
Powerful people are looking out for their future selves
Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers have more than just winter blues
Stress at any age is still stress
Employee wellbeing key to reducing sick leave
Diabetes + depression = increased risk of death
Personality plus: researchers find link to energy rates
Even limited physical activity is linked to lower rates of depression
Losing hope of a good night's sleep is risk factor for suicide
Bosses ignoring mental illness
We should prioritise mental health: experts
Which swimming strokes are best for improving back pain?
Mentally ill adults more likely to smoke
Work-life balance needed for recovery from job stress
Poor mental health leads to unhealthy behaviours among low-income adults
Stress symptoms in midlife predict old-age disability
Permanent stress can cause type 2 diabetes in men
Stress at work very unlikely to cause cancer
It pays to be proactive with mental health at work
MIND releases "How to manage stress" guide
Favourite ways to reduce stress
Are YOU the cause of work stress?
Empathy peaks in late middle-age
British workers spend over five years worrying
New sleep pattern discovered casts doubt on 8-hour rule
Can mobile phones improve our health?
Mindfulness meditation may relieve chronic inflammation
Personality traits and sick leave in workers diagnosed with nonorganic neck pain
Working overtime linked with severe depression risk
Beat the post-holiday blues with exercise
Cleaning jobs linked to asthma risk
Stand for three hours per day at work and lose weight
Poll reveals employees' top health concerns
Listening beats talking
Stress makes exhausted women over-sensitive to sounds
Repeated aggressions trigger social aversion
How are middle-aged women affected by burnout?
Compensation payouts double
Only half of workers happy with their jobs
Australia's stress report 2012
Quitting smoking reduces anxiety
Few understand the risks of obesity
Make time for a 'stop day' every week
Is it OK for the boss to join the festivities?
Main health burdens revealed
Overeating now a bigger global problem than lack of food
FIFO culture needs to change
Workplace bullying leading to more prescriptions for anxiety, depression
Coping with holiday stress
Victims of bullying suffer trauma
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