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Workers fear lodging claims for psych injury
Gabrielle Lis | Lodging a psycological injury claim in Australia is a scary business, and the scarier it is perceived to be, the more RTW suffers
Workplace solutions for worried claimants
Gabrielle Lis | What do workers who lodge a claim for psychological injury worry about? And how can the workplace help ease these worries?
Consequences of insurers behaving badly
Gabrielle Lis | When interactions with insurers are negative, workers’ compensation claimants describe serious consequences for mental health, financial stability, family relationships and recovery.
How do doctors assess a person's ability to work?
Dr Mary Wyatt | Medical assessments of work capacity are not always defined by what a worker is capable of. Should they be, or is it reasonable for doctors to take other factors into account?

Industry News

Prosecuting sex offenders leads to workers comp claim
Published on December 05, 2016 | A former prosecutor who worked for the Specialist Sexual Offences Unit of the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) between 2009 and 2011 is seeking damages for lost earnings and lost earning capacity.
Look out for these workplace mental health mistakes
Published on December 05, 2016 | The Mental Health Commission of Canada wants employers to make the most of their investment in workplace mental health by avoiding common mistakes including: failing to offer ongoing and integrated initiatives; introducing initiatives without basing their decision on data; failing to assess the performance of their initiative; and separating mental health from physical health.
Employers guide to the silly season
Published on December 05, 2016 | Taking advice from lawyers before organising the work Christmas party? Bah humbug indeed! This alert from Lexology provides employers with hints and tips for an accident-free, claim-free festive season.
What is happening with mental health claims at Comcare?
Published on December 05, 2016 | You may hit a paywall when you attempt to follow the link attached to this story, but we couldn't ignore the Australian's coverage of the crackdown on mental health claims at Comcare, which sources say has been initiated at the behest of the federal government.
WA takes injury reporting online
Published on November 21, 2016 | Workers and businesses in Western Australia can now report work-related injury and illness online, thanks to a new web-based hazard and incident reporting system introduced by WorkSafe WA. “Employers and employees are now able to report hazards, incidents, and injuries at their convenience without being restricted to business hours,” said WorkSafe Acting Executive Director, Chris Kirwin.