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Are you a Manager, a Leader or both?
Lori Boys | We should no longer manage, we should many times have you heard that?
Snapshot: Sickness certification by Australian GPs
Gabrielle Lis | Eight years of data from the Victorian workers compensation system reveals that GP certification practices are strongly influenced by injury type.
Trends in GP sickness certification
Gabrielle Lis | GPs issue more unfit for work certificates every year, according to research from Victoria, Australia.
Stakeholders explain GP sickness certification practices
Gabrielle Lis | Patient advocacy, workplace conflict, social circumstances and fee structures all influence sickness certification, according to GPs, injured workers, employers and compensation agents.

Industry News

Viva la disconnect!
Published on January 16, 2017 | French organisations employing more than 50 workers are now required to negotiate with employees regarding their rights to "switch off" from work. According to the Guardian newspaper, the "right to disconnect " law came about because of a government-commissioned report warning of the health impact of “info-obesity” stemming from the "always on" culture around smartphones and other digital devices.
UK mental health initiative focuses on work, not hospitals
Published on January 16, 2017 | UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a new partnership between government and employers to improve mental health support in the workplace. Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer, who is Chief Executive of mental health charity, Mind, will collaborate with the private and public sectors to determine how best to support employees with mental health problems.
More American workers say "Namaste"
Published on January 16, 2017 | Yoga practice amongst US workers almost doubled between 2002 and 2012, with 11% now saying to "Namaste" according to a new study reported by Time Magazine, and initially published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.
"Work related, I presume?" Canada takes mental health claims in good faith
Published on January 16, 2017 | Canadian province Saskatchewan has removed the need for workers with psychological injuries to prove that their injury is work-related, going a step further than other Canadian provinces which assume work-relatedness only for PTSD.
Short, regular walks improve worker wellbeing
Published on January 16, 2017 | The Age reports on new research that shows that "standing up and walking around for five minutes every hour during the workday could lift your mood, combat lethargy without reducing focus and attention, and even dull hunger pangs".