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Our archive houses articles that relate to past events and conferences, as well as RTW results from years past.

Award winning serious injury management.

contributorSarah Duffield

What does it take to win an award in the challenging environment of complex injury management?...

From the sporting arena to the workplace.

contributorSarah Duffield

Introducing an elite sports model of injury prevention and management into the workplace is the...

Work life balance - much more than a feel good balance - Dr Lindsay McMillan

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

The Boston College Centre for Work and Family has revealed that 70% of managers felt that...

Putting vocation back in rehabilitation

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Since the earliest days of rehabilitation, the focus on return to work of injured clients has...

Building Employee Engagement and the Impact on Health: David Brown

contributorAndrea Thompson

In order to be truly engaged and contributing fully at work, there needs to be a work-life balance

Rehabilitation between the yellow flags

contributorSarah Duffield

Prior to the onset of an injury a worker may often display a number of yellow flags, or warning...

Importance of preventitive stress management

contributorTheo Giantsos

Early detection and intervention are the keys when it comes to work-related stress.

Health and productivity program introduction , Sean Sullivan, CEO, IHPM

contributorAndrea Thompson

From the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM)

AMWU Return to Work project needs your help.

contributorJohn Herbertson

Resources available to workers whose 2nd language is English are limited. Here's an opportunity...

Towards a better WorkCover scheme in Victoria

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

WorkCover improvements would benefit patients, practitioners, employers and the community.