About Us

Return to Work Matters is Australia’s leading independent resource for return to work professionals: informative, practical and motivating.

What we do...

We offer evidence-based insights, up-to-date research summaries, and practical advice.

Our key objective is to support the supporters, connecting, validating and motivating you and your team.

We’re a voice for all players in the industry: RTW professionals, treating practitioners, workers, researchers and policymakers.

Why it matters...

Looking after injured workers has benefits for business and health.

Those who support others (e.g. RTW professionals who look after injured workers) need to be supported in turn.

We believe that positive change is on the horizon in terms of RTW, injury management and workplace wellbeing - and we want to hurry things along a little!

Who we are...

We’re an authoritative voice, speaking with more than twenty years industry experience.

We’re motivated by a desire to see better outcomes for injured workers.

Published by Dr Mary Wyatt, an occupational physician who’s conducted more than 2000 worksite inspections and countless Independent Medical Examinations, Return to Work Matters combines academic rigour and practical insights.

Operating independent of employers and government authorities, we’re free to challenge the status quo.

For more information about Dr Wyatt and the rest of the Return to Work Matters team, please check out our Profiles page.

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