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RTWMatters is Australia’s leading independent resource for return to work professionals.

RTWMatters Ltd is an independent non-profit charity with the purpose of advancing health and education in Australia, including by promoting positive change and leadership in the area of the prevention and consequences of work related injury and illness.

What we stand for

Our key objective is to support those who support RTW, connecting, validating and motivating you and your team.

Looking after injured workers has benefits for their recovery and return to work; and for businesses.

Those who support others, including RTW professionals who look after injured workers, need to be supported in turn.

We believe that positive change is on the horizon in terms of RTW, injury management and workplace well-being - and we want to hurry things along a little!

What we do

We provide evidence-based insights, up-to-date research summaries, and practical advice that is backed by academic rigour.

We empower RTW professionals with the skills and confidence to manage workplace injuries in a way that deliver better results for injured workers and the bottom line.

We’re a voice for all players in the industry: RTW professionals, treating practitioners, workers, researchers and policymakers.

Who we are

RTW Matters is published by Dr Mary Wyatt, an occupational physician who’s been active in clinical practice, research, teaching doctors and policy development. Mary and the team operate independently of employers and government authorities and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Dr. Mary Wyatt, Publisher

Mary is a specialist occupational physician. She’s worked in the field for more than 30 years and conducted more than 2000 worksite visits, reviewing jobs and duties across multiple industries and advising on return to work duties and management.

She is active with research, teaching, specialist occupational medical advice and policy development.

Mary is passionate about improving the lot of employees with an injury. She initiated the Health Benefits of Good Work agenda that continues to be championed by Occupational Physicians. Using policy development, up-to-date research, and support for those at the coal-face Mary continues to strive to for improvements for workers and businesses.

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"Simple changes in the workplace can have a large possible influence on RTW outcomes. Good information and good attitudes go a long way."
Mary Wyatt
Dr. Mary Wyatt, MBBS(Hons), MPH, GradCertMSM, Dip O&G, FAFOEM (RACP)
Cheryl Griffiths
Cheryl Griffiths

contributorGeneral Manager

Cheryl has been General Manager of Return to Work Matters since its inception. Cheryl knows the ins-and-outs of this ever expanding project of ours, and is responsible for managing the team through our many projects and website development.

Cheryl is responsible for tailored corporate subscriber services and business development, and can help set up a corporate subscription package to your needs.


Lauren Finestone
Lauren Finestone


Lauren is a self-described reformed lawyer-turned-writer with a passion for writing content in easy-to-read, engaging, and accessible language.

She also has a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology. She twins both interests to train and coach writers of all sorts to write with clarity, confidence and in a way that connects with their readers.

If you have any suggestions or requests for content, Lauren would love to hear from you.‚Äč


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