Tools & Templates

A collection of down-loadable letters, forms and info packs to help you streamline your work, presentations you can use to influence others, and surveys to check on how employees are going.

Generic RTW PowerPoint presentation to senior management

Add your own logo, modify if needed, and use this presentation to get your organisations management team on board with disability management.

Case closure letter doctor

Sample of a case closure letter to the doctor

Case closure letter employee

Sample case closure letter for an employee.

Choice of Occ Rehab Provider Letter

A printable sample letter to be used for selecting Occupational Rehab Provider

Claim acknowledgement pro-forma

Sample of a letter to formally acknowledge receipt of a completed Workcover - Workers Claim Form

Claim receipt letter

Generic letter to employee to acknowledge receipt of their claim

Employee Information RTW Coordinator

A printable handout to give to the employee

Employee survey of their return to work experience

A printable form to be used in surveying return to work experience of the workers.

Family member information

A printable pamphlet to be supplied to the family members of an injured worker on how to help someone recover from an injury or illness.

Communicating the demands of the job to the treating doctor

Guidelines for writing up a job description so the treating doctor gets the picture.

Identifying high risk cases

A printable form to be used in identifying high risk cases

Incident report form Simple

A printable incident report form

Incident report form Comprehensive

Prinatble comprehensive Form for Incident Report

Injury immediate response toolkit

Printable version of tool to be used for injury immediate response

Letter to request medical report

Printable version of a sample letter requesting a medical report from the treating doctor

Power Point Presentation Graphs

Graphs for creating a Power Point Point Presentation

Recognise a stroke

Handout to be used for identifying a stroke

Return to work coordinator checklist

Basic Checklist for RTW coordinator

Return to work presentation for supervisors and managers

A PowerPoint presentation to introduce return to work to supervisors and managers

Suitable duties plan

A two page document to use for outlining a return to work duties

Work station ergonomic review request

Form to be used when requesting an ergonomic assessment.

WorkCover Admin Requirements

The document provides a broad outline of claims administration activities

WorkCoverWA ReturnToWorkProgram Template

Template to be used in planning Return to Work Program.

Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire

A questionnaire to identify people at high risk of work absence.

Cover letter for cost reimbursement

Letter for employees to request claim reimbursement

Letter from RTWCoordiantor to partner of an injured worker 2 to 3 weeks post serious injury

Letter from RTWCoordiantor to partner of an injured worker 2 to 3 weeks post serious injury

Letter to arrange meeting with partner of injured employee

Template Letter to Spouse of an Injured Worker

What type of leader are you?

The strengths and weaknesses of different leadership styles

Workplace Systems Evaluation Quiz

Take our quiz to find out how your workplace rates and identify opportunities to improve.

Active listening eTool

Active listening improves two way communication and influence. This handout for supervisors provides a How To guide.

Speak up - A handout for employees

Help your employees learn to voice their input and concerns with this handout.

Dealing with difficult employees - a handout for supervisors

All supervisors need to deal with difficult employees at some stage in their career. Here are some tips and tricks for defusing challenging situations.

Return to work obstacles and self efficacy scale (ROSES)

A tool to evaluate worker perceptions of RTW obstacles, including their degree of confidence that the obstacles can be overcome.

Physiotherapy capacity recommendation form

A form designed by ReturnToWorkSA to help physiotherapists communicate with GPs about workers' functional capacities.