If at any time Return to Work Matters does not meet your expectations we encourage you to let us know. Your experience will help us to improve our services for you and others in the field.

Our complaints resolution process
  1. Get in touch

    You are welcome to make your complaint directly to staff or via the form below. Lodge a complaint yourself or have someone else lodge the complaint on your behalf if required.

  2. Our response

    If the complaint is not able to be resolved in the initial conversation or the complaint is received via the form below, we will respond within 5 working days and provide a resolution where possible. If a complaint is unable to be resolved at this point, the information will be passed on to someone who can assist you to resolve the issue.

  3. Keeping you up to date

    Throughout this process we will keep you up to date on any delays or progress made, explain any decisions and inform you of the outcome.

Our Policy

Our Complaints Management Policy can be downloaded here.

Lodge your complaint

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