Supervisors Matter

Workplace supervisors play a critical role in the return to work process. From the moment an injury occurs, the supervisor’s actions have a lasting impact on the worker’s recovery.

Research shows injured workers who feel supported by their supervisors return to work sooner. However supervisors say they think their primary RTW role is managing injury reporting and protecting the company.

Supervisors aren’t necessarily born with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that promote return to work but they can be taught.

Managing Injury and Supporting Return to Work: A Training Package for Supervisors

We’ve developed a simple and cost effective online training package to empower supervisors with the confidence, skills, knowledge and behaviours that help injured workers return quickly and safely.

It’s lively and easily accessible for a diverse audience.

The online course runs for six hours and is designed for both individual and group learning.

The introduction describes the influence supervisors have over return to work outcomes.

Then we explore good communication, covering its importance in return to work and what it does (and doesn’t!) look like. We share simple communication strategies that can have a huge impact.

Musculoskeletal problems are the most common workplace injury. Supervisors do better when they know what they’re dealing with, so we cover the basics of musculoskeletal pain and workplace ergonomic principles.

We step supervisors through the process of coordinating a timely and safe return to work, helping them identify suitable duties and other resources they can access as needed.

By the end of the course, supervisors will know what they need to do to help injured workers return to work sooner. They’ll have grown in confidence, with better communication skills, a greater capacity to keep everyone onside, and clear methods for identifying suitable duties and accessing additional support.

The training has been designed so that it can be facilitated by a RTW Coordinator, without requiring the RTW Coordinator to be an expert in all aspects of work injury, or a powerhouse public speaker. The package includes videos, case studies, online quizzes, questions, discussion notes and more.

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