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An authoritative guide to working through COVID-19; RTW after stroke; an occupational physician's guide to IDing high risk injured workers; an interview with the Managing Director of Mental Health @ Work; and a curated collection of articles on maintaining good mental health during times of crisis. 

Working through COVID-19

There's so much coronavirus info out there, it can be hard to sort the true-news from the fake-news. We highlight the key organisational challenges, and point you in the direction of practical and authoritative material to help you navigate these unprecedented times. <read more...>

Contributor RTWMatters team

Tagged in: Health and productivity

Returning to work after stroke

Stroke is becoming more common in working age individuals. How likely is RTW, and what sorts of supports are needed? <read more...>

Contributor Gabrielle Lis

Tagged in: Long term / complex cases

Webinar recording: Case management - Early identification of people at high risk for work disability

Dr Mary Wyatt gives a typically clear and accessible overview of the latest research on identifying and supporting high-risk individuals and common barriers to return to work. <read more...>

Contributor Dr Mary Wyatt

Tagged in: Case management, Early intervention, Webinars

Maintaining a mentally healthy workplace - 1

Even the most mentally healthy individuals are likely to be feeling flashes of existential terror at the moment - which means that people already struggling with their mental health may be feeling persistently overwhelmed. This interview with Ingrid Ozols describes key mental health warning signs and appropriate approaches to make sure support goes where it's needed. <read more...>

Contributor Tom Barton

Tagged in: Communication, Workplace Culture, Psychological

Industry News

Small business owners under strain

Spare a thought for small business owners, who may be facing extreme challenges to financial and mental health during the global pandemic. <Visit news article>

Published on March 24, 2020

Tagged in: National

Pro tips to promote flourishing during a crisis

Self-care is the key to thriving during crisis lock-down, according to expert advice fresh out of the UK. <Visit news article>

Published on March 24, 2020

Tagged in: World

Beware loneliness and burnout when working from home

Missing out on office cooler chat is an obvious consequence of remote work, but the lack of demarcation between working life and home life can also lead to burnout, Forbes warns. <Visit news article>

Published on March 24, 2020

Tagged in: World

Thriving in isolation: advice from outer space

"Take it from someone who couldn't: go outside," begins this piece from International Space Station veteran, Scott Kelly. His tips for surviving isolation with your mental and physical health intact include setting a routine, keeping a journal and connecting with others as best you can. <Visit news article>

Published on March 24, 2020

Tagged in: World

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Connect, support and motivate your team.

Looking after injured workers has benefits for business and health but it can be challenging for those on the frontline. Our key objective is to support the supporters, providing knowledge and nurturance for those who help others return to work and health. Let us know about the issues your people are facing. We’ll connect you to relevant information, research, articles and tools. We’re always listening. Email

Industry events and training
All events listed here are conducted by external training providers and organisations. Members should contact the providers directly to determine suitability and book their place. You are also welcome to submit your own event here.
Mon 06th Apr 2020, , International Convention Centre, Sydney
Postponed - NDS NSW Conference 2020
The NDS NSW Conference 2020 will encourage us to reflect on what matters most for people with disability, the sector, our current and future workforce and our communities.

Thu 30th Apr 2020, , The Pavilion, The Ville Resort, Townsville
Cancelled - North Queensland Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference
We have transformed the conference for 2020 and extended the program to one-and-a-half-days, bringing together injury prevention and rehabilitation and return to work topics.

Tue 05th May 2020, 10:00 am, ReturnToWorkSA 400 King William Street Adelaide, SA 5000
TBC _ Making your workplace thrive through a 'culture of care'
This 2 hour workshop is for those workplaces that are interested in building a culture of care, where workers feel supported, connected and valued at work.

Thu 07th May 2020, , Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Postponed - NDS Queensland Conference 2020
With a rich diversity of speakers, delegates and exhibitors, the program will encourage visionary thinking across the disability sector.

Tue 19th May 2020, 10:00 am, ReturnToWorkSA, 400 King William Street, Adelaide 5000
TBC _ Who's who in the treating zoo? Working with medical and allied health professionals
In this 2 hour workshop, hear from a variety of medical and allied health professionals responsible for treating injured workers.

Wed 20th May 2020, , Royce Hotel, Melbourne
TBC 7th annual Psychological Injury Management in the Workplace Congress
Engaging employees in psychological wellbeing strategies
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