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This week we share an elegant question that effectively assesses recovery prospects; discover the work hazards linked to osteoarthritis; learn about wearable injury-prevention technology (and other innovative injury management approaches borrowed from elite sport); and encourage you to get down and dirty with workplace conflict before it derails RTW. Plus we share research that shows why the Black Lives Matter movement is important in Australian workplaces - scroll to the news section for this reminder.

An elegant way to assess recovery

A single question - "How do you feel you are recovering from your injury?” - may be as useful in assessing progress as numerous more complex questionnaires. <read more...>

Contributor Dr Mary Wyatt

Tagged in: Communication, General musculoskeletal, Research update

What types of work cause osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a top-ten cause of disability worldwide. With an ageing workforce, employers are likely to see more claims relating to this degenerative joint disease. A new systematic review highlights the workplace risks, and the gaps in our knowledge. <read more...>

Contributor Gabrielle Lis

Tagged in: Aging workforce, General musculoskeletal, Work causation

Webinar recording: Translating Sport Science Research into Practical Injury Management Programs

This fantastic webinar tackles that old chestnut: how an injured nurse, an elite athlete and wearable technology can help you reduce musculoskeletal injuries in your workplace. <read more...>

Contributor Scott Coleman

Tagged in: Exercise, RTW approaches, Webinars

RTW conflict Q & A

Unresolved workplace conflict can prevent RTW, so RTW professionals need to know how to recognise the signs and tame the beast! This five minute will get you ready to be a conflict-slayer. <read more...>

Contributor RTWMatters team

Tagged in: Claims Management, Relationships, Quick Guides

Industry News

Six tips for supporting a mentally healthy transition back to work

As many of us head back to the office for the first time in months, our friends at Superfriend have put together a tip sheet to help employers manage the transition. We love the way they acknowledge the emotions of post-pandemic RTW: "It is important that employers and people leaders recognise the range of emotions that people will be feeling as they return to a more traditional way of working after this period of significant disruption. Central to a supportive transition back to a traditional work environment is keeping employee health, safety and wellbeing front and centre of mind." Sounds like good advice for managing all RTW, be it post-pandemic or post-injury. <Visit news article>

Published on June 18, 2020

Tagged in: National

Q: Are opioids pain-killers or pain-feeders?

A: "The longer you are on high doses of the medications, for at least three quarters of people on long-term opioids, it's actually making their pain worse," pain management expert Associate Professor Michael Vagg recently told the ABC. Click through for an excellent article that demonstrates the slippery slope from back injury to addiction to disability and despair - and the hard but worthwhile climb to recovery. <Visit news article>

Published on June 18, 2020

Tagged in: National

42% of Indigenous Victorians experience racism at work

A few years ago, VicHealth surveyed 755 Aboriginal Victorians, some living in the city, some in rural areas. 97% had experienced racism in the last year. 44% said they experienced racism once a week. 42% they'd faced racism at work. Racism causes psychological distress, and this distress tends to be worst when people are left our or avoided because of their race. (Property damage also causes very high levels of distress but may be less likely at work.) None of this is news in the sense of being new - we're sharing this information again in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. <Visit news article>

Published on June 30, 2020

Tagged in: National

Genes and work-related disease

The language the linked article uses ain't pretty (full disclosure: it's written in legalese) but the question it raises is fascinating: namely, is compensation owed to a worker when a work injury (in this case, PTSD) later transforms an existing genetic predisposition into a fully-fledged disease (in this case, bipolar disorder)? For the purposes of accepting or denying a claim, can work be said to aggravate, accelerate or exacerbate a disease that hasn't manifested yet? And if it can't, where does this leave the unwell worker, whose work prospects are surely impacted? <Visit news article>

Published on June 30, 2020

Tagged in: National

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July webinar: Systematic approaches to identifying and addressing biopsychosocial barriers – the missing policy in RTW

Part 1: Identification of Psychosocial risk - Dr Pam Garton PhD 14th July 2020 3pm AEST. Click the link to register.

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