Injury and Case Management Handbook

Thrown in the deep end with Return to Work?

  • Do you have a practical plan of attack?
  • Need expert insights, everyday language?
  • Want resources to help get the job done?
  • The knowledge to do the right thing by everyone?
  • Need to separate performance issues from RTW?

There’s only so much you can learn in a two day course. Being a return to work coordinator is a complex, demanding, often frustrating job, yet in most jurisdictions you’re expected to have all the necessary information and skills under your belt after a few days of training.

The RTW Matters Injury and Case Management Handbook provides practical, simple and clear information to help you get the job done with a minimum of fuss. The handbook is availalbe free to all Return to Work Matters members.

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This handbook will help you:

  • Get management and staff onside for best practice injury management.
  • Take your RTW training to the next level – and jog your memory if it’s been a while!
  • Listen to the ticking of the RTW clock.
  • Spot problem claims before they trip you up.
  • Mine the rehab potential of modified duties

If your organisation’s response to illness and injury isn’t right on the money, you are the one who has to deal with the fallout. There is pressure to make a lot of people happy: supervisors, claims staff, the injured or ill worker, and managers with an eye on the bottom line. The Injury and Case Management Handbook gives you the information you need, when you need it. An invaluable easy to read resource created by experts:

Chapters in the Handbook:


  • The first five minutes
  • The first 48 hours
  • Getting medical care
  • The first week
  • Disputing a claim
  • High risk cases
  • Not back at work after 3 weeks
  • Return to work approaches
  • Different ways to decide on rtw duties
  • Relationships and communication
  • RTW plans
  • Writing up a job description
  • Common restrictions for common health problems
  • Return to normal vs long term restricted duties
  • Injury management, disability management & rehabilitation
  • Hours of work in RTW management
  • Different case scenarios
  • Circumstances investigations
  • Consequences of disability – employee
  • Consequences of disability – employer
  • Understanding barriers to RTW – the patient
  • Medical confidentiality and privacy
  • Return to work coordinator competencies
  • The breadth of RTW activities
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