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Frederieke Schaafsma

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Back pain and work: Personal factors

A range of studies assess personal factors and how they influence work-related back pain

Back pain and work: Psychosocial factors. The evidence.

A range of studies explore whether psychosocial factors contribute to the development of back pain

Back pain and work: Physical factors - Physical work. The evidence.

What does the research tell us about physical work and the impact on back pain?

What is behind psychosocial sick leave?

A look at the factors which predict psychosocial sick leave.

Optimising occupational health

Decisions made in occupational health care that follow the 5-step protocol of evidence based medicine have good outcomes for workers and employers.

Distress, fatigue and long-term sick leave

What puts men and women at risk of taking long term sick leave? This study explores the roles played by psychological distress and fatigue.