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ReturnToWorkSA has partnered with Return to Work Matters to provide South Australian Return to Work Coordinators with a free online resource. This website gives coordinators access to practical injury management tools and instructive articles that summarize the findings of evidence based research.

ReturnToWorkSA also has a Employer Education Advisor who can provide support to coordinators to improve procedures to maximize return to work, deliver education to your management to better understand the process. For further information or to contact the Employer Education Advisor call (08) 8238 5944 or email

An introduction to using Return to Work Matters resources by Dr Mary Wyatt.

Resources on this site

Case Management Handbook: The RTW Matters Injury and Case Management Handbook provides practical, simple and clear information to help you assist an employee after a work injury.

Articles & Topics: Features a wide selection of practical and informative articles over a broad range of topics. Click through the topics in the left hand column to narrow the list to your areas of interest.

Tools & Templates: A collection of down-loadable letters, forms and info packs to help you streamline your work, presentations you can use to influence others, and surveys to check on how employees are going.

e-learning Portal: A collection of 20 video based elearning modules which can help develop your knowledge and skills as a return to work coordinator.

More Resources: Explore our Links to worldwide RTW resources, view our Webinar Recordings with industry experts, or delve deeper into RTW management in our Workplace Systems Handbook.

Search: Use our search feature to locate articles and tools specific to your workplace, return to work case or your own professional development.

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Helping injured workers who have been "left behind": Part one
Dr Mary Wyatt | Looking at barriers to return to work for those out of work for two years, as well as strategies that can help turn things around.