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Webinar recording: Implications for the Health Benefits of Good Work in the era of COVID-19

contributorKeith Govias

Good work has health benefits even during times of crisis. Tips for supporting remote workers, protecting essential services workers, and looking after injured workers whilst coping with COVID.

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Webinar recording: Case management - Early identification of people at high risk for work disability

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Dr Mary Wyatt gives an introduction to identifying and supporting high-risk individuals and barriers to return to work.

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Webinar recording: Good work design – it is in the DNA of a human-centred organisation

contributorDr Sara Pazell

Dr Sara Pazell discusses how a human-centred organisation is committed to work and job design that promotes worker health, well-being, and productivity.

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Webinar recording: Compassion fatigue and emotional well-being of workers compensation employees

contributorEmily Cope

This webinar discusses new research which has begun to consider risk factors and protective factors for professional quality of life in Australian workers compensation professionals.

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Webinar recording: Managing shoulder injuries and rethinking our approach

contributorDr Angus Forbes

This webinar looks at common shoulder conditions and why current diagnostic investigations and surgical procedures don't always have the benefits we'd expect.

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Webinar recording: Expectations Management in Vocational Rehabilitation

contributorDr Boris Fedoric

This webinar is designed to educate individuals working in the injury management space on a variety of expectations and constraints that can affect return to work.

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Webinar recording: The challenge of bullying – the negative consequences and effective responses

contributorMichael Plowright

This webinar explores the nature and effects of workplace bullying and what factors help to ensure a safe return to work.

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Webinar recording: Return to Work Coordinators, Doctors and Return to Work: an update

contributorTyler Lane

New research on the influence of return to work coordinators and health care providers on return to work

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Webinar recording: A work-design focused Return to Work process

contributorMeredith Carr

Meredith Carr discusses how to effectively implement a work-design focused RTW process and the benefits that are gained by adopting evidence-based work design principles.

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Webinar recording: The importance of social connection in RTW

contributorDr Caroline Howe

Associate Professor Caroline Howe explains what icare's research into social connection tells us.

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Webinar recording: Understanding musculoskeletal problems - Part 3 - Shoulders and knees

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

In our final webinar of our series, Dr Wyatt explains common shoulder and knee problems and how to assist employees with related conditions.

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Webinar recording: Understanding musculoskeletal problems - Part 2: Neck and Back Pain

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

In part two of our three-part series, Dr Wyatt explains common neck and back problems and what's important in helping employees manage them.

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Q&A with mental health workplace consultant

contributorRTWMatters team

"Employers are really switched on now, they understand the importance of workplace mental health, and more and more they understand that they need to do something about it even when there are no obvious problems."

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Webinar recording: From theory to practice - Creating psychologically healthy workplaces

contributorDr Natasha Lazareski (Kiso)

Practical steps to build and maintain a psychologically healthy workplace and minimise psychosocial risks.

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