Webinar Recording: Participatory Ergonomics & Manual Handling

Emma Morgan & Rachel Doody

This presentation will discuss how “Participatory Ergonomic” principles can be considered and implemented to increase workplace involvement in effectively controlling manual handling risks.
About the webinar:

Preventing manual handling  injuries continues to be a challenge for many organisations. 

This webinar includes:

  • A case study illustrating the holistic causes of manual handling injuries;
  • Information about hazardous manual tasks (not focusing just on the manual handling);  
  • An introduction to Participatory Ergonomics, describing how it can apply to policies & procedures, workplace application and training.
About the presenters:

Our presenters are The Recovre Group’s Rachel Doody and Emma Morgan. Rachel is a Physiotherapist with years of clinical experience and as a Rehabilitation Consultant. Emma is an Occupational Therapist who manages a national training and consulting team. Both have worked extensively with a wide range of customers and industries to address to issue of manual handling.

Webinar recording: Presentation
Webinar recording: Q & A
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Other resources:

Cost calculator - Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Published 21 May, 2014 | Updated 12 February, 2019