Anna Kelsey-Sugg


From 2008 until 2010, Anna worked closely with Mary Wyatt to provide useful case studies and tips from experts in the field. Many of her articles are based on interviews and developments in the return-to-work field.

Anna writes on a freelance basis for newspapers and magazines. She has a RMIT Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, and a Graduate Diploma in Italian Studies from the University of Melbourne's, which she finished off in Bologna.

Articles by ‘Anna Kelsey-Sugg ’
Mind over matter?

Injury-attitude impacts RTW more than injury-severity, says Monash researcher. Ask questions and listen to unlock the power of a Positive Mental Attitude.

Workplace stress: we can work it out

Causes of stress, and why it will never disappear if we don't encourage the right behaviours.

Court between a rock and a hard place

Some regard the courts as a necessary evil in injury compensation; but how can they be used to foster good?

Looking for a late new year's resolution?

Forget vowing to give up chocolate, how about resolving to better look after employees in the workplace.

Good RTW processes: What's in it for ME?

Six reasons why getting return to work right is worth YOUR time and effort.

What do you bring to work?

Not your roll or leftover pasta - but what attitude or outlook do you bring? Find out why it's a question worth asking.

Does workers' compensation affect suicide rates?

If you're in vocational rehab you should be concerned about lack of data on work injury-suicide link, says grief support provider Creative Ministries Network.

Use the Force to manage stress

Tips from the Safety Strategy Manager of Victoria Police for managing stress in a challenging environment

How is exposure to trauma affecting you and your employees?

There is a way of minimising the adverse effects trauma workers are exposed to - start by acknowledging "vicarious trauma".

Motivation - the juice, just gimme the juice.

The what, where and why of motivation, distilled to dot points.

Things have gotta change: back pain and why our thinking is all wrong

When it comes to back pain, we don't have the right vocabulary - and we need it. The right words can inform the correct way of thinking.

The power of storytelling

The impact of 'patient narrative' - first-hand stories of illness and injury - shouldn't be underestimated. (Includes video footage.)

RTW success sounds like this

Have a look at this letter from an employee of one workplace doing fantastic things for injured workers and their RTW