Gabrielle Lis and Dr Mary Wyatt

Articles by ‘Gabrielle Lis and Dr Mary Wyatt’
Garnering consensus on the importance of work to health

Occupational Physicians have brought together a broad group to join forces on changing beliefs and attitudes to being in work

Frustrated by "victims"?

People who believe they've been treated unfairly have lower functional ability than those who think that they've had a fair go. How can you get them past the victim mentality?

Common law: Jackpot or jinx?

This fact sheet for workers considering a common law claim outlines pros, cons and survival tips.

Adventures in leadership

Read Mary's guide to fearless RTW Coordination leadership, then take up our Choose Your Own Adventure Leadership Challenge!

Preventing further harm to the harmed

Etymology - the archaeology of words - sometimes uncovers a contemporary resonance in ancient digs.

Top ten tips for dealing with the Doc

Is "bad medicine" delaying RTW at your organisation? This top ten will help sweeten your relationship with medical practitioners in a way that supports worker recovery and timely RTW...