A new resource for injured people will soon be available

Blog - A new resource for injured people will soon be available

Robert Aurbach | Published: February 10, 2015

Some people "get it" better when they see it in print. Some people give more credibility to something that has been published. To date there have been few resources to encourage and empower injured people to take an active role in their own recovery. That "hole" is about to be filled.

I have been fortunate to be a "beta version" reviewer for a new publication that will likely be of value to you and the people you serve. "Living Abled" by Dr Christopher Brigham is the culmination of many years of experience and development by an occupational physician who has struggled with how to communicate with his patients effectively for many years.

His patient encouragement comes through like the voice of a wise friend. The conversational tone and avoidance of technical language allows accessibility to those who do not necessarily enjoy reading. The message is clear and consistent: take responsibility for your recovery and you can retake control over your life.

This would have been a great message even if that was all there was. The book is also loaded with practical advice. Dr Brigham has used a lifetime of experience to help injured people learn how to communicate with their physicians, ask questions and make informed decisions about their care. He discusses this in simple and helpful terms.

This is not just a book about medicine. Dr Brigham has brought together several valued colleagues from other disciplines to talk about the phases of a claim that they know and understand. The contributors discuss their topics in terms that someone unfamiliar with compensation systems can understand and use. Lawyers, a disability specialist, a chiropractor, mental health specialists and others have added their best advice. The clear communications style, practical advice and empowering message stay consistent throughout.

The book is substantial (200+ pages) and the average reader will take advantage of the table of contents to get to the information that is currently needed. The organisation of the book will hopefully allow people to use it efficiently as a "just in time" resource. A little explanation may be necessary to keep some people from being intimidated by the sheer volume of information, and comments from the author indicate the final volume may include that assistance.

The book is also written from a North American perspective. Most of the contributors come from that area, and a little assistance with translation concerning differing systemic features may be helpful in conjunction with the initial version. Dr Brigham has suggested that a specifically Australian version may follow. In the meantime, the overall message of the ability to take control over one's own recovery will help both injured workers and those of us who occasionally struggle with how to empower an injured person, to better participate in their own recovery. There are also forms included with the book that may be of value regardless of the compensation scheme.

Stay tuned to these pages for information about availability. Current publication schedule is in June.