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Return to Work Matters is Australia’s leading independent resource for return to work professionals: informative, practical and motivating. This page introduces you to the people behind the publication. If you want to know more about what we do and why it matters, the About Us page has the goods.

Dr Mary Wyatt
Dr Mary Wyatt


Mary is a specialist occupational physician. She’s worked in the field for more than 30 years and conducted more than 2000 worksite visits, reviewing jobs and duties across multiple industries and advising on return to work duties and management.

She is active with research, teaching, specialist occupational medical advice and policy development.

Mary is passionate about improving the lot of employees with an injury. She initiated the Health Benefits of Good Work agenda that continues to be championed by Occupational Physicians. Using policy development, up-to-date research, and support for those at the coal-face Mary continues to strive to for improvements for workers and businesses.

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Cheryl Griffiths
Cheryl Griffiths

contributorGeneral Manager

Cheryl has been General Manager of Return to Work Matters since its inception. Cheryl knows the ins-and-outs of this ever expanding project of ours, and is responsible for managing the team through our many projects and website development.

Cheryl is responsible for tailored corporate subscription services and business development, and can help set up a corporate subscription package to your needs.


Lauren Finestone
Lauren Finestone


Lauren is a self-described reformed lawyer-turned-writer with a passion for writing content in easy-to-read, engaging, and accessible language.

She also has a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology. She twins both interests to train and coach writers of all sorts to write with clarity, confidence and in a way that connects with their readers.

If you have any suggestions or requests for content, Lauren would love to hear from you.


Fiona Elliott
Fiona Elliott

contributorSubscription Manager

Fiona, our subscription manager, has brought a fresh perspective to our team and initiated change based on subscriber feedback. Fiona’s role is to foster two-way communication with our current and past subscribers, as well as other RTW networks, ensuring we meet both their content and administrative needs.

Fiona is always open for a chat about how we can do better, so please drop her line if you have any feedback. Fiona can also assist in arranging new subscriptions and renewals.


Unnikrishnan M L (aka Unni)

contributorSenior Web Developer

Unni, our senior web developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of the RTW Matters website. Unni has 19 years of programming experience in HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT, PHP/MySQL/AJAX/MVC, ASP.NET/SQL Server and other latest web technologies.

A great problem solver, Unni takes our sometimes not-so-technically-minded ideas and turns them into reality. If it can be done, Unni will find a way. If you are having any difficulties using the site at all, then Unni will help iron out any kinks for you.


Freelance and Past Contributors

Gabrielle Lis

One of our most popular contributors, Gabrielle has used her writing talents to develop easy to read content. Her articles are clear, practical and full of creative flair, providing an easily digestible and enjoyable way to keep best practices front of mind. She also writes fiction, and is completing a graduate diploma in psychology.

Anna Kelsey-Sugg

Anna worked closely with Mary Wyatt to provide useful case studies and tips from experts in the field. Many of her articles are based on interviews and developments in the return-to-work field. Anna writes on a freelance basis for newspapers and magazines.

Tom Barton

Tom contributed articles ranging from disease fact sheets and illness treatment plans, to guides for return-to-work coordinators and information for injured workers.

Robert Aurbach

Robert has a broad background in workers compensation. Hailing from the US, Rob was involved with scheme development through his role as a lawyer. He has a passion for the successful development and implementation of innovative strategic and tactical solutions and has been involved in the development of legal, regulatory and legislative frameworks in multiple jurisdictions. His past engagements include the director of stakeholder collaboration at the Industry Engagement Centre for Personal Injury at Deakin University.

Lori Boys

Working with Agents, Self-Insurers, Employers and Consultants for almost 30 years; Lori Boys focus and passion has been about embedding a safety first culture, instilling the Three R’s, Remain at Work, Recover at Work, Return to Work and de-stigmatising workers compensation in the teams and organisations she works for.

Carolyn Mounce

Carolyn has spent over 20 years working in personal injury management in corporate and government roles. She has extensive experience as a senior manager, building and developing teams. As the Director of Success in Life, she works with individuals and organisations developing their ability to influence through leadership, service & strategic thinking approaches.

Stefanie Garber

Stefanie looks at every imaginable aspect of return to work. Her articles explore workers’ compensation in-depth, covering the latest research and policy. With a background in law and journalism, she is particularly interested in how laws impact on people’s everyday lives.


The anonymous doctor saves the world by day and by night works on these little treats. These gems pop up regularly on the site, so stay tuned for more exciting adventures!

Scott Sanderson

Practically-minded and with an academic background in legal practice, Scott’s important contributions, include the ‘Consider the Alternative’ series on the use of dispute resolution in the context of workers compensation disputes around Australia, and informative articles on job burnout and employee engagement.

Robert Hughes

Has 30 years experience developing and leading non profit organisations in the arts sector. He has written arts policy for the Labor, Liberal and National Parties (fortunately not at the same time). Robert’s focus is the principles underlying return to work.

Sean Gleeson

Although Sean was a short term contributor to Return to Work Matters, his innate understanding of public policy and contemporary political developments saw him add a wealth of information on policy and legislation to the site. His in-depth jurisdictional comparison series on return to work support is a worthwhile and insightful read.

Completing his Honours thesis in Political Science at Monash University, Sean is a freelance writer who excels at in-depth features, reviews and interviews. His focus is on highlighting areas of poor policy, seeking to assist society’s most marginalised subscribers.


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