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Join us for a webinar on 20th October 2020 at 3pm AEDT

Implementing early screening to identify and manage at risk workers to prevent unnecessary work disability: Lessons from the WISE study

The WISE study (Work Injury Screen Early) introduced a screening approach to identify those at higher risk of prolonged work disability and provided targeted extra support for that group across a group of NSW public hospitals. 

This landmark study helped reduce unnecessary work disability with a substantial reduction in days lost from work and high levels of worker satisfaction.  

Professor Nicholas will present the results of the study and the core components that were able to make a major difference ‘at scale.’

This webinar is relevant to policymakers, case managers and RTW coordinators and HR staff. The webinar outlines the key learnings from the WISE study and their relevance for today. They include:

  • Take a biopsychosocial approach from the start, not just when it’s too late
  • Avoid simplistic dichotomies of ‘physical’ vs ‘psychological’- all physical injuries have psychological aspects (and vice versa)
  • Psychological and social/environmental factors around work injuries are present from Day one
  • While present in all cases these factors, are a problem in at least 20-30%, but they are modifiable, if you act early
  • Persisting pain is a major risk factor for delayed RTW, especially if not managed within a biopsychosocial approach.
  • “Pain killers”, especially opioids, are not the answer and risk delayed RTW
  • There is no magic treatment that will ‘fix’ persisting pain
  • A management protocol that coordinates the claims management, treatment providers, workplace and the worker offers the best option in high risk cases
  • My advice: require that all medical opinions on an injured worker include assessment of psychological and social/environmental contributing factors.

About Professor Michael Nicholas:

Professor Nicholas led the WISE Study. He is a clinical psychologist with 40-years of experience in the assessment and management of pain. He still works clinically at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, and at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health he also directs and teaches on a post-graduate course in pain management for all health disciplines. His research on pain management, for both acute and chronic pain, has been cited internationally in more than 10,000 scientific publications. A major priority for him these days is the implementation of research-based knowledge into pain management practice by all health disciplines to prevent chronic disabling pain and to promote better health outcomes for those whose pain persists. 

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