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Webinar invitation: Working With a Company Doctor - a Unique Medical Discipline 

Join us for a webinar on 5th April 2018 at 4pm AEDT 

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About the webinar:

Working with a company doctor - A unique medical discipline 

  • The role of the company doctor
  • Why appoint a company doctor?
  • What you should expect from a company doctor
  • The limitations of the company doctor
  • How the employer can both help and benefit from the company doctor
  • Some relevant case studies

About Dr James Crompton:

James Crompton is a seventh year occupational physician trainee in the Australian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. After six years working with a well-known occupational health provider in Dandenong, he has moved on to work with the Corporate Medical Consulting Service, a dedicated industrial health service provider company-specific and bespoke occupational health solutions including injury management, health surveillance and employment / fitness-for-duty recommendations to a growing clientele in Melbourne's north-west, particularly the airports. A graduate of Scotland's University of Aberdeen, has worked in occupational medicine for six years and prior to that in emergency medicine and psychiatry. James has particular interests in soft-tissue injuries of the knee and shoulder, of managing psychological pathology secondary to the workplace, and occupational health in extreme environments, especially the Antarctic and commercial divers. James is also a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner, and a Medical Review Officer with an interest in implementing drug and alcohol screening, recommending and rehabilitation in the workplace.

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