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Webinar Registration

From theory to practice - Creating psychologically healthy workplaces

Join us for a webinar on 13th November 2018 at 4pm AEDT 

About the webinar

This webinar will provide practical steps to build and maintain a psychologically healthy workplace and minimise psychosocial risks.

Natasha will also explain resilience and define the links between individual resilience, organisational wellbeing, absenteeism, productivity and employee engagement.

The webinar covers:

• Best practice in building organisational psychosocial risk management approach,
• Importance of appropriate psychological support systems,
• Individual resilience as a key element of organisational health and wellbeing,
• Approach to developing and implementing safety and wellbeing consciousness.  


About Dr. Natasha Lazareski (Kiso) 

Natasha is owner/managing director of PsyFlex and an occupational health specialist, expert in organisational health and psychosocial risk management. PsyFlex has helped a wide range of organisations – including personal insurance agencies, workers’ compensation, government institutions and employers– to successfully develop sustainable risk management strategies and holistic health frameworks. 

Natasha has more than 20 years’ experience in Life Insurance Industry, Workers Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety, Wellbeing and Psychosocial Risk Management. Natasha's expertise is in combining physical, psychological and social health and developing a holistic and sustainable approach to managing employee’s wellbeing. She also led the development and implementation of strategic corporate health management systems including CGU, Ambulance Victoria and NAB.

In 2014 Natasha decided to invest her time and energy in researching and developing the best practice, scientifically based psychosocial risk management approach, cultural transformation, leadership and resilience training programs. In 2016 PsyFlex took this approach to
market and worked with employers across Australia and overseas (including Development Victoria, Emergency Services, DHHS, Toyota, World Health Organisation and International Rescues Committee) to support creation of safe and healthy workplaces. 

These programs have been proven to build healthy workplaces through developing holistic and sustainable psychosocial risk management systems, building employee resilience and mental health awareness. 


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