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Webinar Registration

Compassion fatigue and emotional well-being of workers compensation employees

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 3pm AEDT 

About the webinar

Workload demands and secondary trauma exposure (through clients) can form a characteristic part of the everyday role of workers compensation professionals. Despite this, minimal psychological research exists to aid understanding of how role demands may impact on professional quality of life (impacts to wellbeing derived from the occupational experience) for employees in this sector. 

This webinar will discuss new research which has begun to consider risk factors and protective factors for professional quality of life in Australian workers compensation professionals, with some discussion around next steps for future research and practical application. 

This presentation will include:

1. What is professional quality of life: the Proqol model and relevance to helping professions
2. Professional quality of life in workers compensation: predicted risk and protective factors
3. General overview of method, sample, measures (Proqol and Occupational Stress Inventory-Revised) and analyses
4. Findings: demographics, occupational role factors and personal resource factors as predictors of professional quality of life
5. Implications: future research directions and initial recommendations for individual and organisational application

About Emily Cope

Emily Cope is currently working in this sector as an Eligibility Officer, specialising in the determination of psychological injury claims. Inspired by an interest in workplace wellbeing, this study was submitted as the thesis component of her recently completed Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) through the Australian College of Applied Psychology, under the supervision of Dr Christopher Holt. 

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