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Mediation vs Litigation - Dispute resolution options with case study - Two part series. 

Join us for a webinar on 19th September 2017 at 4pm AEST  

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About the webinars:

Mediation vs litigation and when to use each effectively and appropriately in RTW and Industrial cases. What are your options and what do they look like? How do they feel?

Over a 2 part series, Alison Shaw will review with you dispute resolution options and apply them to a case study (in part two) that will be distributed to you prior to the initial webinar.

The case study will involve a dispute between a production manager and employee in SA in a national company based in Melbourne and HR in Queensland with performance management issues, WH&S concerns and allegations of bullying and discrimination.

Part One: was held on 22nd August and the recording is available to view prior to part two. 

In the first webinar, Alison will show you how the mediation process will look and feel for those involved, including the lawyers and advocates, and identify the red flags indicating to use mediation instead of litigation. Alison will look at the fit of the mediator amongst all the professionals involved in a RTW and/or industrial claims, the benefits of mediation and the role of the mediator in getting the injured worker back to work and restoring a harmonious and productive work environment.  

Part Two: 19th September 2017 at 4pm AEST 

The second part of our two part webinar series, follows up with a case study between Con and Karin at WidgetsRUs Pty Ltd. The loyal and long term production manager, Con is valued by the company for his productivity of the team he has managed. Karin a single migrant working mother with 2 young children, 1 autistic, claims not only stress but bullying by Con and discrimination due to her ethnicity, gender and carer obligations. The company faces potentially $70,000 in legal fees, losing 2 key staff, damage to morale of the work place effecting productivity as well as the reputation of the business and bad publicity. Let’s compare mediation with the litigation process.  

About Alison Shaw:

In January 2013, Alison retired as a partner of BBS Lawyers and Mediators, and set up a Dispute Resolution practice; SHAW Mediation Australia. This decision was driven by her goal to change and reshape how most disputes are resolved.

In 2014, Alison completed postgraduate studies in mediation at University of South Australia, and was appointed to the Adelaide Magistrates Court panel of Mediators. She also mediates disputes for Office of Small Business and ReturntoWorkSA and is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner for the Attorney General’s Department. 

Ali is still a family law specialist and legal practitioner with an MBA degree and is using her transferable legal skills and problem solving skills to help people resolve their disputes themselves without courts as a mediator and arbitrator.

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