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Automated Manual Handling Risk Assessments: a benefit or a distraction?

David Bick and Dr Steve Cowley

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 3pm AEST 

About the webinar

Automation through motion sensors and machine learning enables the non-expert to complete manual handling risk assessments and doesn’t always require the assessor to be present. This clearly has cost and time-benefits for the practitioner.

Traditionally, manual handling risk assessment is undertaken by an expert ergonomist using a checklist. However, does automation improve the reliability, accuracy and speed of assessments or is technology a distraction?

Presented by David Bick of Joint Action Group, joined by expert Dr Stephen Cowley for the Q&A to follow.

About David Bick

Director of Consulting Services, David Bick is an award-winning Sports Physiotherapist having received the Australian Sports Medal, committing his career to inspiring Australians from early development up to elite athlete level and has travelled and worked with such teams as the Wallabies and Fiji Rugby Union. He lectures domestically and internationally on overuse injuries such as tendinopathies, neural entrapment and running assessment and mechanics.

David has led successful consulting projects with JAG for more than 10 years and is a founding shareholder committed to expansion of client consulting globally.

About Dr Stephen Cowley

Strategic Consultant, Stephen Cowley PhD, BSc (Hons) (OHS ), MSc (Occ Hyg), GCert(Ed), FSIA, GIOSH is a member of the UK’s IOSH, a Fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia, Editor-in-Chief of the Safety Institute of Australia’s Journal of Health & Safety Research & Practice, a visiting lecturer at Swinburne University and a visiting academic with Middlesex University. Steve’s focus has been the practical application of hazard management and industrial hygiene principles.

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