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Webinar Registration

Understanding Musculoskeletal Problems – Part 2 – Dr Mary Wyatt

Join us for a webinar on 12th February 2019 at 4pm AEDT 

About the webinar

Problems arising from the musculoskeletal system are common in the community. Studies of populations of people tell us that over 50% of adults have long-term soreness arising from a component of their musculoskeletal system.

Musculoskeletal problems, or conditions that affect the muscles and ligaments and adjacent structures, can be frustrating to deal with. They are common problems that sometimes get better quickly and sometimes hang around for decades. 

To address the thirst for learning in this area, Occupational Physician Dr Mary Wyatt, presents a 3 part series to assist in understanding the general principles, common conditions and the difficulties everyone faces with musculoskeletal problems – in turn helping you to help workers dealing with musculoskeletal problems. 

Part 2: Understanding musculoskeletal problems - Neck and back pain 

• How common are neck and back problems 
• The importance of advice and explanation, and fostering self management 
• The downside of scans and tests 
• What are the common restrictions and the best type of work duties 

Next webinar: 
Part 3 - 12th March 2019 - Understanding musculoskeletal problems - Shoulders and knees 

About Dr. Mary Wyatt 

Mary Wyatt is a specialist occupational physician. Her experience, and understanding of research, has led her to recognise how people’s beliefs, workplace attitudes and the way the compensation systems deal with workers, are important factors in return to work. 

Mary has been involved with many activities in the field, including research, teaching, doctoring, mediating, and working to get research evidence translated into practice

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