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Join us for a webinar on 24th November 2020 at 3pm AEDT 

Recovery Blueprint: helping case managers help injured workers

The Recovery Blueprint project is a partnership between Monash University and WorkCover Queensland with the aim of introducing evidence-based risk identification to workers compensation case management in Queensland. This webinar will describe how WorkCover Queensland case managers identify biopsychosocial factors as part of Recovery Blueprint, as well as describing some of the training required to support case managers to do so.

About Ross Iles:

 Ross Iles is a Senior Research Fellow in the Insurance Work and Health Group at Monash University. He has a Physiotherapy degree and PhD from La Trobe University, and a postgraduate diploma in Work Disability Prevention studies from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. Ross’ particular research interests focus on methods of identifying individuals at risk of prolonged work disability and has led projects in Victoria, NSW and Qld related to the development and implementation of methods to enable early and appropriate intervention. His approach to research focuses on developing a partnership to understand not only the problems to be solved, but also to identify solutions that fit best with the demands of all stakeholders.

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