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Job control, job demand and workplace health

Changes in psychosocial aspects of work affect employee health and wellbeing

Why work gets us down...

Understanding the causes of depression in the workplace

Want to reduce sick leave? Be a good leader!

Good organisational leadership reduces sick leave and disability

The lowdown on leg pain or sciatica

Researchers still argue about how common sciatica is, and precisely how it should be defined. One thing is clear: it's a warning sign of struggles ahead for a worker with back pain...

Real bad back pain? On-the-spot physio provides short term gain

Physiotherapy for acute back pain is good in the short term, but education and movement bring long term benefits.

Depression: Optimising care for the employee and the workplace

Depression exacerbates and prolongs pain. What does this mean for the workplace?

Mismanaging depression

What are the barriers to effective management of depression in the workplace?

Multidisciplinary rehab program shows benefits beyond the short term

A two-year study shows the continuing benefits of comprehensive rehab.

Does talking cure fight depression?

Psychotherapies are an important but underutilised part of depression treatment

Diagnosing back pain

A step-by-step guide for best practice diagnosis of back pain

Back pain and pessimism: A vicious cycle-The evidence

Pessimistic beliefs about back pain can prolong suffering and prevent proper treatment

Age + overtime = Lower productivity??? - the evidence

Research shows that older workers CAN work overtime and remain productive

Get off your backside to improve your back!

Home exercise is a cheap and effective way to improve back pain

The business of depression

There is a good business case for educating your workforce about depression

Challenges and opportunities for preventing depression

This article explores some of the ways to manage and prevent major depression in the workplace.

Recognising depression at work

We all know depression is a problem, but do we recognise depression when we see it?

Depression and antidepressants

Clinical principles for the use of antidepressants, and the effectiveness of other treatments in preventing relapse

Depression, anxiety, fatigue: the unproductive trinity

Productivity suffers when workers are depressed - but are some depressed workers more prone to productivity loss than others?

Predicting and preventing long-term disability

Recognising the risk factors for long term disability can help employers reduce the compensation burden