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Francesca McSteen

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She'll be right: Under-reporting injury in the workplace

According to one study, only 52% of work related injury and illness gets reported

Supermarket workers shelve musculoskeletal disorders

Lower back pain poses problems for supermarket workers, but chances are they wont tell

Healthy work environment = Healthy workers

Workers care about support and respect in the workplace and notice whether health and safety are management priorities.

6 elements of successful workplace health programs

Want healthy workers? A well designed workplace health program can help!

But I don't have a problem! Young workers and risky drinking

Young male workers need to be educated about the work and health consequences of risky drinking.

Despair and low back pain: Connecting as a starting point-The evidence

People with chronic low back pain can lose their sense of control over life, a major demotivating factor

The history of compensation in Australia

With harmonisation hopefully imminent, it's a good time to look at and learn from Australia's history of workers' comp.

Balance at work, balance at home

Workplace flexibility is associated with better employee health

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