Webinar: Back Pain and Return to Work

Dr Mary Wyatt

Back pain accounts for a large proportion of injury claims, and a higher proportion of long term disability. Medical issues are important, but how the workplace deals with the employee has a greater impact on outcomes.

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While treatment for back pain has increased many times over the last 30 years, the outcome for people with pack pain has not improved.  Advice and explanation and support to return to work make the greatest difference.  

The video addresses:

  • The new versus old way of treating back pain – relieving pain vs. restoring function
  • Misunderstandings and myths about back pain – the problems they cause
  • Investigations for back pain – are they helpful or harmful
  • What can be done at the workplace to improve outcomes
  • Ergonomic modifications – what is the value?
  • Can we prevent back pain?

Back pain and RTW from Return to Work Matters on Vimeo.

Published 12 December, 2010 | Updated 15 January, 2013