Statistical info

Cheryl Griffiths

Each year the Head of Workers Compensation Authorities publish the Return To Work Monitor which provides a year on year view of trends in workers compensation and return to work. Information is obtained by interviewing claimants and is collected on factors that influence RTW outcomes. The survey is completed by phone in November and May each year by Campbell Research & Consulting.

Comparisons are made between the jurisdictions in Australian and New Zealand. The monitor provides a rich source of information to assess what is happening in RTW in Australia and New Zealand.

Tasmania is the only jurisdiction to publish their jurisdictional report showing their year by year comparison of RTW performance.

In an attempt to bridge the gap, RTWMatters analyses data from each RTW Monitor publication since 2005 and publishes an in-depth series of reports and commentary on RTW results, insurer performance, rehabilitation involvement and workplace factors by each state / jurisdiction, highlighting how performance changes over time.

To access previous articles and reports, visit the Topics page and look under System Issues.  Here you’ll find a link to each jurisdiction as well as jurisdictional comparison.