Reader Feedback: Tips on getting the most out of Return to Work Matters

Cheryl Griffiths

Our recent survey responses highlighted the number of ways that RTW Matters content is being used by those at the coalface and those who manage RTW teams.

Thanks to everyone who filled out our RTW Matters 2012 reader survey, we have some excellent reader tips for getting the most out of Return to Work Matters. Many of you shared fantastic ways you use our site to further your RTW knowledge, and help you manage, motivate and influence others.

If you would like to contribute your tips but didn't fill out the survey, we'd still love to hear from you! Please email 

Feedback about use of the site to motivate and manage teams
  • I share some of the information, like the how-to's and guides, as a lead into building relationships. It is also great being able to advise my staff of events that are local to them.
  • I have found the site useful for new case managers in developing an understanding of the range of issues involved in achieving a return to work for someone who has sustained a personal injury. It provides the avenue for constant and ongoing learning.
  • The articles give some great insights and I find they help you refocus on the benefits of why we do this job. Especially when the difficulties are piling up! I find it motivational!
  • I have a remote team - across Australia and NZ. I am rolling out RTWM for my team to use as another means of communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Some of the tools are excellent, as is the networking. I also employed one of my 'stars' after they responded to a job advertisement on RTW Matters.
  • I have taken articles to my boss for discussion, and they have given me confidence that I am on the right track with claims management, as often it can be 2-3 years before you see real improvements in a culture. I also use some of your resources to prepare my manager for training sessions that I am rolling out this year. Just an interesting read every week.
  • I often utilise your articles to generate discussion within my team.
  • Information to up skill my Return To Work Coordinators.
Comments on how readers use the site to influence others
  • I use the templates for letters and information to convince supervisors to try RTW.
  • There are fabulous articles on RTW and specific injury, assisting in providing education to key stakeholders.
  • Being able to use the articles and research as resources that I can directly hand to the employer and injured worker and review or discuss with them.
  • Great starting point for OT meetings and identification of relevant issues to review.
  • It makes interesting reading, and inspires me to focus on the importance of return to work when liaising with stakeholders.
  • Handy tips and information to share with corporate employers.
  • The education fact sheets are very useful to provide clients (e.g. how a spouse of an injured worker can deal with their situation).
  • I have found of the medical information interesting and it gives me a better understanding, so that I can then discuss with the doctors.
  • The information brochure for the employees re RTW is of benefit due to the positive aspect put on to return to work.
  • As a reinsurer, I often refer to your articles when I write reports for companies.
Readers get a general sense of support and an understanding of what is happening in the field
  • The articles are both interesting and valuable. It confirms that other in the same industry have similar experiences / issues.
  • Great to be able to gauge that I am on the right track with the injury management and that the information we are using is up to date / best practice.
  • It gives me a broader understanding of other roles within the RTW field.
  • If I am stuck on a problem, I will search the articles and see what others have done. It can be really helpful.
  • I have an increased awareness of rehab and return to work issues that I have not experienced, that now, should I come across them, I may be able to identify and handle.
  • I use it to get ideas from others that often can be adjusted and fine-tuned to suit the situation.
General feedback on assistance with return to work management from those at the coalface
  • I love the webinars! I especially like how the presentations are uploaded to the site so that I can go back and remind myself later on.
  • I like the quick and easy digestible pieces of information that you can take back and use. The webinars have provided valuable information and allow me to take time to consider my approach to injury and claims management.
  • Great articles! The relevant stories and cases are easily read when you have a couple of minutes free between calls.
  • It's a great publication! There's lots of useful information to keep me in touch with new scientific findings / trends, industry news, ideas for approaching my challenges. I've also really enjoyed the webinars - it's great to spend some time to focus on specific issues that impact injury management and be able to ask questions and interact.
  • I found some useful topics for OHS professionals like me, who are not RTW Coordinators or rehabilitation consultants but still want information on RTW.
  • I like that the facts and in-depth information regarding a range of issues that impact return to work, is discussed from all points of view.
  • I am thrilled that I can obtain copies of studies and other literature that supports the various articles published on RTW Matters.
  • My RTW Matters subscription provides a  great deal of value by allowing me to keep up to date with strategies to improve workplace injury management outcomes - particularly in workplaces that do not offer training  opportunities for OHS/ RTW personnel.
  • It is a useful tool that prompts you to take 5 minutes to refresh your knowledge or learn something new, with little effort.
  • I think RTW Matters is beneficial for all aspects of business from RTW Coordinators through to management.
  • It is a good resource, particularly for people new to the role, to assist with ideas and ways of thinking outside of the box in terms of RTW and Rehab.
  • It often helps me to look at problems with RTW in a different way.
  • RTW Matters contains practical information that you can immediately use, as well as more detailed information that can assist in reassessing your approach to RTW within an organisation.  It can be refreshing and provide positive encouragement as to why we do the jobs we do and show how we can make a difference.
  • As a Return to Work Coordinator, it can be hard to talk about your work because colleagues either don't understand your work or don't care. It is good to see other people's experiences and solutions.
  • RTW Matters is great for injury management groups. It's a current resource with practical useful and interesting information, that gives you the opportunity not just to browse the  collected knowledge base but also develop your own skill set and capabilities. Can't speak highly enough of the resources and the effort that's gone into make it a valuable practical hub of communication.