Psychiatric cases and secondary depression - ELEARNING

Dr Peter Cotton and Dr Mary Wyatt

An online training module for RTW Coordinators who need tools to help them manage cases where there is psychological injury.

While claims for psychological injury account for a small number of all claims they are often lengthy and costly.  This training series explores how psychological claims are best managed and what you can do to make a positive difference.

The topic is one of a series of eLearning modules developed for RTW Coordinators in South Australia,  through a partnership between RTWMatters and ReturnToWorkSA. 

The wonderful Dr Peter Cotton passed away in 2018.  ReturnToWorkSA has kindly provided permission for RTWMatters to share this component of the training package with all Australian RTW Coordinators.

In sharing this module we honour Peter. His wisdom, experience and intellect allowed him to talk clearly and simply about key aspects of supporting people with a psychological condition.

The series runs for 45 mins and includes Introduction (1.5 mins), Psychiatric illness (9 mins), RTW Coordinator involvement (11 min) What about return to work? (10 mins), Secondary depression (7mins) and a summary (3 mins).

Introduction and learning objectives


Psychiatric illness / injury


RTW Coordinator involvement


What about return to work?


Depression secondary to physical health problems


Published 20 December, 2018 | Updated 15 January, 2019