Supervisor training package launch: Early bird opportunity

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Managing return to work and injury - A Supervisor Training Package

At Return to Work Matters, we’re motivated by a desire to see better outcomes for injured workers and their employers.

We think there's an opportunity for improvement that many organisations overlook: RTW training for supervisors.
Amongst researchers and other experts, there's increasing recognition of the central role supervisors play in return to work. We believe that change is on the horizon – and we want to hurry things along a little!

After a soft launch late last year, we’re delighted to formally launch our Return to Work Matters Supervisor Training Package.

This simple and cost-effective training package empowers supervisors with the confidence and skills they need to help injured workers return quickly and safely.

Please take a moment to watch the videos below, which explain how supervisor training can improve RTW outcomes in your workplace.

Benefits of Training Supervisors

In the first video, Dr Mary Wyatt discusses the four main benefits of supervisor training including higher return to work rates and reduced claim expenses.

Not only will the overall health and wellbeing of injured workers improve, but supervisors feel a greater level of job satisfaction with the knowledge of how to promote an early and safe return to work.

And let's not forget the benefit to the RTW Coordinator or WorkCover Manager who benefits from a streamlined workplace system with fewer problem claims.

Video duration 2.25 min.

Contents of the RTW Supervisor Training Package.

In the next video, we introduce the contents of the training package. Namely, six online learning modules with videos, short lectures, engaging stories, case studies, online quizzes and interactive learning.

1. Managing work injuries - Introduction - Engages supervisors on why they are important, how they can influence and make a difference to RTW outcomes, as well as how to make their job easier.

2. How to respond to a worker reporting their injury - Practical steps supervisors can take in managing the reporting of injuries.

3. Understanding musculoskeletal pain - When supervisors have an understanding of the challenges workers face, they are better placed to understand their condition in relation to their role and meet their needs.

4. Problem-solving with ergonomics - A good basic overview of ergonomic principles that can assist in modifying the job as well as including the worker in the process.

5. Communication after injury - We look at styles, methods and settings for effective communication to assist in holding discussions with a variety of personalities in often challenging conditions.

6. Workforce reintegration and return to work - Teaches supervisors how to identify suitable duties as well as other ways they can support the worker as they return to work and health.

Dr Wyatt explains the course content further in the short video below. 

Video duration 2.25 min.

Duration and Delivery

There are two versions of the course – the first has been designed to be facilitated by the RTW coordinator for supervisors in a group setting, the second is for supervisors working independently. Both training packages run for approximately 6 hours and can be delivered in a single day, two half days, or over six weeks in hourly sessions.

The video below explains the flexibility of our delivery options and includes tips for running the facilitator-led group sessions. We've also included the Facilitator Guide overview (above under Featured Resources) if you'd like further information.

Video duration 2.25 min. 

Enrol your staff now

Once you've registered for your account you can purchase individual licences to enrol yourself or take advantage of our multi-licence discounts and enrol your team of supervsiors.

Our introductory price for the facilitator-led group training is between $800 and $980 per session and the self-led modules fall between $155 and $210 per supervisor.

We also offer an unlimited use option capped at $4650 for as many sessions or users as you need within 12 months. Please get in touch if this is of interest and we'll arrange it for you.

Current prices are valid until 30 June 2019. After that date, an increase to the Unlimited access will likely apply.

Return to Work Matters Members who purchase licences before 30th June will receive a further 15% discount. 

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Published 07 February, 2019