Do you know anyone who has lost work courtesy of COVID-19?

RTWMatters team

The COVID-19 Work and Health Study is tracking the impact of the pandemic on those who lose work (i.e. lose their job or have reduced hours) as a result.

It is estimated that up to 1 million Australians may become unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by Professor Alex Collie, the Insurance Work and Health Group at Monash University has launched a survey to track who is losing work during the pandemic, and identify the short, medium and long term impacts of this loss on health, employment and finances.

The study can be found online here: It involves a 15-minute online survey now, with short follow-up surveys at one, three and six months time. To be eligible people need to be over 18 years, and have lost their job or lost working hours since the COVID-19 outbreak began. 

Professor Collie told Return to Work Matters that the research was critical for social policy and public health.

"We need a quality evidence base to support effective decision making. We have already had hundreds of people enrol in the study, but would like to get our numbers up in the thousands. This will help make this a truly meaningful study that can provide evidence to support future actions by government and industry."

If you're experiencing pandemic-related work loss, we send commiseration and ask you to contribute to this important research. If you're lucky enough to be in corona-proof employment, please share the survey link with others who may be eligible.

Hopefully, this study will help secure timely and effective interventions in the coming months  and years to protect the health, employment and finances of those who've found themselves suddenly without work courtesy of coronavirus.




Published 07 April, 2020 | Updated 07 April, 2020