Webinar recording: Implications for the Health Benefits of Good Work in the era of COVID-19

Keith Govias

Good work has health benefits even during times of crisis. Tips for supporting remote workers, protecting essential services workers, and looking after injured workers whilst coping with COVID.
About the webinar

The traditional evidence base that influences the principles of The Health Benefits of Good Work [HBGW] is very clear about the negative impact on health and wellbeing to ill and injured workers due to general long term work absence, work disability and unemployment. Traditional Return to Work planning and strategies will have to change and evolve in an era of physical distancing and the response to COVID-19. 

Keith Govias, Principal Consultant with Gallagher Workplace Risk and the current Chair of the HBGW Signatories Steering Group, provides some practical guidance on how we can apply the HGBW in a best practice response to:

  • Support those who can work from home
  • Implement workplace protective measures for those essential service workers
  • Keep supporting workers with injuries, whilst meeting COVID-19 restrictions.

More information on HBGW can be found at:

This webinar is relevant to case managers, RTW coordinators, Safety professionals and HR staff. 

About Keith Govias

Keith Govias has managed Safety and Worker Compensation programs for some of Australia’s most iconic brands (Myer, Kraft Foods, Harris Scarfe and The Reject Shop) across the last 12 years.  Keith has also spoken publically at conferences with or consulted on Regulator policy and prevention strategies through participation in strategic reference groups for WorkSafe Victoria, SafeWork NSW and WorkCover Qld.  He brings a wealth of experience in supporting injured workers in conventional and self-insured Worker Compensation schemes and has a track record of helping organisations improve RTW rates and reduce premiums.  
As a Vincent Fairfax Fellow and the current Chair of HBGW Signatories Steering Group; Keith champions the case for employers and other stakeholders to work collaboratively with medical providers and workers to build research based evidence RTW strategies into the ways that engage and empower ill and injured workers.  

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Extra resources

One of our audience members kindly shared some resources they are offering for free during the pandemic that can help employers and RTW professionals with de-conditioning.  The Preventurelive app features a free de-conditioning video series for workers.  You can also visit their YouTube channel here


Published 04 May, 2020 | Updated 05 May, 2020