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SuperDoc: Serve up a good attitude

Want positive results from your clients? Check your 'tude.

Give a little bit of 'tough' and you'll probably get some back

We all know what happens to that which goes around (it comes around), so why do we sometimes forget that to get respect in the workplace, we have to give it too?

The Value of Questions and Early Answers

Gather round, I've got a story to tell - and it starts with a question...

Judging the judges

SuperDoc reminisces about his time in the Courts and asks whether judges see the broader consequences of their decisions.

Train for success

Workers expect more from supervisors than supervisors are prepared to give - but training can build a RTW bridge!

Other people's stress

Are stress management programs for managers the key to reducing stress claim costs?

Supervisors up to scratch?

If we can train good superheros (ahem - take yours truly for example) then surely we can train good supervisors.

Decision-making: a job for sharing

There's no such thing as too many chefs in the problem-solving kitchen. Share for improved RTW.

Spooked by chronic pain?

SuperDoc talks you through celebrity gossip 101 - and unsheets the spooks of chronic pain

Down the rabbit hole...

In which SuperDoc describes perplexing cases of ordinary and extraordinary patients falling down the rabbit hole of workers' comp

I flew over the cuckoo's nest

Looking at what does and doesn't work in other systems might seem futile - but comparisons can make for powerful lessons. Here are some I flew back with from the US.

Stress: the new RSI

SuperDoc applies lessons learnt about RSI in the 80s to the current "epidemic" of stress - and discovers anew that prevention is better than cure

Believe and You Will Cope

'Self-efficacy' is more than just an odd-sounding word. Superdoc explains who needs self-efficacy skills - and why it's in your interest to help develop them.

Don't keep doctors dancing in the dark

Assisting difficult RTW is even harder when the treating practitioner doesn't have all the facts.

Superdoc (11) - Claims staff turnover? No surprises when you think about it

Job turnover in claims staff is high; if staff felt they could make a positive difference, they'd be more likely to hang around.

Superdoc (10) - Rehabilitate or terminate - who cares?

Financial rewards and KPIs as perverse incentives.

Superdoc (9) - Back pain and investigations

An investigation won't tell us what we usually need to know about back pain - so why do we often jump so quickly into it?

Superdoc (8) - Back pain and the 'fear avoidance model'

Our Superhero Superdoc is back on back pain and the importance of not being afraid of it.

Superdoc - Fighting fear and back pain

Fear and back pain make a destructive combination - our local superhero talks about why.

SuperDoc (6) - Issues around causation

A look at the issues surrounding work causation ... and the funny questions people ask superheros.

SuperDoc (5) - On partnerships with doctors

Partnerships between doctors and the workplace are worth working on.

SuperDoc (3) - On the importance of listening - and saying no.

Super Doc gives a super-spiel about the importance of listening - and saying no

SuperDoc (2) - On medical certificates & common sense

On medical certificates, flexibility and common sense

SuperDoc (1) - On not treating doctors as the Great Decider

Better than a blog - it's a monologue! Not the Great Decider, who is this guy?