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RTW Coordinator: essential qualities and attributes

A return to work (RTW) coordinator in the Australian context helps an injured worker with workplace-based support as well as regulatory guidance while they are ill or injured. This study aims to...

Fair winners, fair losers in dispute resolution

What makes dispute resolution outcomes seem fair to workers?

Employee Decision-Making about Disclosure of a Mental Health Disorder at Work - part 2

Part two looks at the processes employees go through in weighing up the risks and benefits of disclosure, and the personal factors which come into play.

Employee Decision-Making about Disclosure of a Mental Health Disorder at Work - part 1

Discussing mental health at work is a complex issue. The authors of this research, Kate Toth and Carolyn Dewa, wanted to study the circumstances in which workers feel comfortable discussing their...

Occupational Stress in the Ambulance Service: a diagnostic study

Due to political and economic change, demands on public servants are escalating in a back ground of decreasing resources. Research into the ambulance service tends to be based on the explicit...

Why would a seriously injured firefighter choose to return to high risk work?

Bonds with co-workers and love of a particular job makes return to work appealing even after serious injury.

RTW: Police personnel and PTSD

The researchers explore the RTW of police suffering from PTSD in the Netherlands, undergoing BEP treatment.

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