What's it all about?

Robert Hughes

The what and why of Return To Work Matters

Return To Work Matters is a professional networking and resource site serving Return To Work Professionals.  The people whose responsibility it is to facilitate injured or ill employees to recover their health and get back to their jobs.

Many people play a part in this work and Return To Work Matters supports all of them.  Our focus begins with Return To Work Coordinators (site navigation and terminology is designed around this primary focus), but it includes employees, their co-workers, HR & OH&S staff, medical and rehabilitation practitioners and claims managers.

Return To Work Matters delivers common sense tools, practical resources and interventions that are derived from evidence based research gathered from worldwide resources.  We review research, publish practical tools, model policies and procedures.  We also provide 'how to' information and training resources.  We are particularly interested in facilitating the growth of positive workplace cultures.  Our team can and does give advice and we do research specific problems at the request of subscribers.  

We also provide an overview of contemporary issues and news on return to work matters, and we publish training and professional development opportunities.  An events register lists conferences, seminars and workshops.

In addition to confronting the day to day, face to face, issues that Return To Work Professionals must deal with, Return To Work Matters is an advocacy body.  We take a critical approach to governmental policy, legislation and systems administration.  We are not fans of system processes that frustrate relationships, or bureaucracies that impose authority, when goodwill and growing partnerships are proven to result in the best outcomes.

Return To Work Matters is directed by individuals who have for decades been in leadership roles in Occupational Medicine, return to work facilitation, policy development and professional network support.  Our people not only know what it is like to do this work, but are recognized internationally as leading innovators in the field.