Good news: RTWMatters is free for RTW Coordinators in South Australia

RTWMatters team

RTW Coordinators, are you missing out on help from a RTW ally? Or keeping a good thing to yourself? Take advantage of your free access to RTWMatters

We’re inviting RTW Coordinators in South Australia to take advantage of their free access to RTWMatters, and to share the good news with colleagues.

Maybe it’s just that time of the afternoon, but as we ponder what it’s like to be a RTW Coordinator, all the comparisons we come up with relate to food. You have a lot on your plate, you’re expected to have a finger in every pie and sometimes you must feel that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Just thinking about all the people you keep in touch with gives us migraines. (Or, again, it might just be that point of the afternoon.) Senior management, human resources, occupational health and safety, supervisors, union reps, and payroll, not to mention all your external contacts: treating practitioners, providers, ergonomists, claims staff, the list goes on.

And at the centre of it all the injured worker, who might be receptive to everything you say and grateful for all your help – or not.

It’s understandable that sometimes you find it tough, even if you have the basics well and truly in hand there are often bigger RTW challenges to contend with.

Whatever your experience, South Australian RTW Coordinators have a free online ally at their fingertips.

RTWMatters is an online resource written specifically for RTW Coordinators, and provided free in South Australia via a partnership with ReturnToWorkSA.

RTWMatters is full of practical injury management tools and easy-to-read, engaging articles that summarize the findings of evidence-based research. The articles are tagged by topic, so time-poor readers can find what they’re looking for easily.

There are also eLearning modules that RTW Coordinators can use as part of the accreditation process and later to build skills in other areas.

In order to access these tailored resources for free, South Australian RTW Coordinators simply go to and enter their RTWC accreditation and employer number to register with RTWMatters.

According to regular readers of RTWMatters, subscription is a huge asset in job and career.

"It's a great publication! There's lots of useful information to keep me in touch with new scientific findings / trends, industry news, ideas for approaching my challenges. I've also really enjoyed the webinars - it's great to spend some time to focus on specific issues that impact injury management and be able to ask questions and interact."
- Celia Rutherford, Ventia Pty Ltd, 2012

“I have high expectations of my subscription and you continually meet those expectations. My RTW Matters subscription has constantly given me readily accessible resources to support my role across a range of industries. I recommend subscription to RTW Matters to every organisation with whom I work and will continue to do so for as long as I remain in business”
- Gae Rheinberger, Southern Health and Safety Pty Ltd, 2015

"It's a well presented publication with a large volume of information, across a broad range of topics both directly and indirectly relevant to return to work, injury managment and workplace issues."
- Timea Szendrei, Department of Health and Human Services, 2015

Published 28 February, 2017 | Updated 28 March, 2017