Webinar recording: Managing shoulder injuries and rethinking our approach

Dr Angus Forbes

This webinar looks at common shoulder conditions and explains why current diagnostic investigations and surgical procedures don't always have the benefits we'd expect.
About the webinar

Shoulder pain is a common presenting condition. Work related diagnoses are common and associated with significant work restrictions and surgical referral. The diagnostic value of physical examination and ultrasound investigation, as well as the benefits of common surgical procedures are surprisingly poor. Is it time we rethought our approach to managing patients?

About Dr Angus Forbes

Dr Angus Forbes has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Commencing with the British Army and later transferring to the Australian Army Dr Forbes subsequently established himself in civilian Occupational Medical practice in Brisbane.

In addition to his expertise in managing the relationship between a business and its workforce, Dr Forbes has more than a decade of experience in performing Independent Occupational Medical Assessments to determine the work relatedness of injuries and illnesses, their management requirements, and the level of impairment following their cessation.

Dr Forbes is dedicated to servicing the Occupational Medicine needs of Queensland, with an expanding practice encompassing regional and rural centres - areas that he has identified as lacking in service availability.

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Published 04 November, 2019 | Updated 11 August, 2020