Look and see - highlighting the impact of psychological hazards on police

Dr Nick Ford & John Schumann

‘Real stories from real cops’—how to recognise and reduce the impact of psychological hazards on police

Dark Blue is a movie about the psychological hazards police face and the potential impact of those hazards, and was produced for the Police Federation of Australia. 

The movie chronicles a policeman's career and the gradual development of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. It is a harrowing tale that highlights the psychological hazards that police encounter in the course of their work and some of the ways in which the effects of those hazards can be minimised.

Dr Nick Ford is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at the University of Adelaide and working in private practice in Adelaide. He has a passion for working with the Military, Veterans and First Responders. 

John Schumann is a communications and public relations specialist. He speaks on issues of social justice and Australian identity to universities and companies. In 2008 Flinders University recognised him as a distinguished alumnus for his contribution to Australian music and social justice.

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Warning: This film addresses mental illness and psychological injuries. It contains coarse language and sexual references. If this film raises concerns for you, or someone you know, call Lifeline 131 114