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Webinar Recording: Engaging others early - The art of influence in return to work

Building influence without authority and how it can support personal injury management professionals.

Webinar Recording: Understanding others

The art of influence in return to work

Influence: Language - a goldmine of potential

What do you think of when you think of the words: injured worker, claimant, client, worker? Are your thoughts different? How does that impact return to work?

Want better answers? Ask better questions

Well-chosen questions can give injured workers - and frustrated RTW professionals - renewed positivity and momentum.

Influence: The gentle art of disagreeing

Real influence is when you build from agreement, not from conflict; to align and lead rather than to try and overcome resistance.

Influence: Stop talking! Four keys to listening

To be heard is a powerful experience, and for your claimant it will make them feel safer, more secure and begin to trust.

The art of influence in return to work

Are the latest sales and marketing techniques an untapped resource in return to work?

Influence: Steps to instantly connect with the claimant

Building immediate rapport in return to work can turn adversary into ally.