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Webinar: Life Insurance- What to do when you don’t have a big stick.
Meredith Taylor, Josh Agar, Trina Moyes - 1st August 2017


Webinar recording: RTW Coordinators - The real 'Gatekeepers' of the RTW process
Joanna Bohatko-Naismith | Key aspects of selection and training
Support or confrontation?
Gabrielle Lis | Supervisors discuss whether support is enough to keep workers with MSDs at work, or whether a confrontational approach is sometimes necessary.
Self efficacy, sickness absence and return to work
Julian Fernando | If you feel you can cope with a difficult situation will you get back to work earlier?
Workplace injuries, absenteeism and turnover among nurses are influenced by role stresses
Joy Hewitt | Workplace intervention programs to reduce injuries, absenteeism and turnover among nurses should be designed to address the key factors of role ambiguity and role conflict, and improve workplace cohesion.

Industry News

Is the move towards 'mental health days' bad for privacy?
Published on July 18, 2017 | Lately we've come across several articles praising the concept of a "mental health day". Here's an Australian example. The link in the heading represents a contrasting point of view, from a Canadian magazine that argues that the explanation "I don't feel well," should cover mental and physical health.
List of workers comp incentives by Aussie jurisdiction
Published on July 17, 2017 |      We can't vouch for the comprehensiveness of this list, but the people at PR Wire have compiled a list of all the incentives (i.e. premium reductions) available in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.
High risk claimants research focus for WorkCover QLD and Monash
Published on July 07, 2017 | WorkCover Queensland and Monash University have announced a new research partnership, which will focus on identifying and supporting injured workers who are at risk of poor return to work outcomes and/or pursuing common law against their employers.
Cautionary tales from a spine surgeon
Published on July 07, 2017 | Pain is more unbearable when people are experiencing stress and this can be enough to persuade people to have unecessary spine operations, according to US surgeon David Hanscom. He shares a "road to Damascus" moment, describing how he revolutionised his own practice after a patient became blind as a result of an unnecessary surgical procedure.
In defence of the mental health day
Published on July 03, 2017 | Finding it hard to concentrate at work? Irritable with your colleagues? You might be due a mental health day! Health and wellbeing psychologist Marny Lishman says, "In a perfect world, confessing to taking a mental health day would be great as, if everyone was open and honest about it, workplaces would acknowledge the need for them and it would become normalised.