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Webinar: Work-related psychological health and safety: Meeting your duties under the work health and safety laws – Peta Miller
August 21, 2018 at 4:00pm AEST


Q&A on sleep and work
Gabrielle Lis | "Enlightened bosses are interested in whether or not workers are getting enough sleep," says Professor David Hillman, of the Sleep Health Foundation... read more >>
Sleep, burnout and RTW
Gabrielle Lis | For employees with burnout, recovery and return to work is possible. What role does sleep play?... read more >>
Relaxation saves sleep from rude supervisors and co-workers
Gabrielle Lis | Workplace incivility and poorer sleep go hand in hand - unless you know how to switch off from work and relax. Good to know - and to share with injured workers...... read more >>
Distress, fatigue and long-term sick leave
Frederieke Schaafsma | What puts men and women at risk of taking long term sick leave? This study explores the roles played by psychological distress and fatigue.... read more >>

Industry News

When depression follows another chronic illness...
Published on August 14, 2018 | The emotional pain of living with a chronic health condition can seriously impact quality of life, even if the health condition is a physical one.  Some people find that they develop another chronic condition - depression - in the wake of the first.... read more >>
Craig's Table preview
Published on August 14, 2018 | We're fans of Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson from way back, and we've got an article interviewing her about Craig's Table lined up for our next newsletter, but to whet your appetite here's a taster from the ABC on her fantastic new NSW-based initiative for injured workers.... read more >>
Sit / stand desks pass RTI test
Published on August 09, 2018 | Deakin University conducted a return on investment study on sit / stand desks and found that they were excellent value for money. It would cost $185.2 million to provide 20% of Australian office workers with sit / stand desks, but would save 7492 “health-adjusted life years” by preventing a range of obesity-related diseases.... read more >>
Smart talking managers see less work absence
Published on August 09, 2018 | A Scottish branch of the Uk's National Health Service (NHS) employing 24,000 people saw a drop in the frequency and duration of sickness absence after establishing an in-house mediation service.... read more >>
Depressed workers who talk up are more productive
Published on July 31, 2018 | Workers who feel free to communicate up the management chain about their depression take less time off and are more productive when they're at work, according to research from the London School Of Economics.... read more >>