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Webinar: Understanding musculoskeletal problems - 3 part series – Dr Mary Wyatt
Part 1 October 16, 2018 at 4pm AEDT


No reporting does not equal no psychological injury
Gabrielle Lis | You should be worried if no workers at your organisation complain about bullying, harassment or workplace pressures, and none claim for psychological injury, says Dr Rebecca Michalak.... read more >>
Your obligations around psychological health and safety at work
Peta Miller | Peta Miller, past strategic WHS adviser and now consultant with Safe Work Australia, clears up the confusion around work-related psychological health and safety duties ... read more >>
Reforming risky systems
Gabrielle Lis | American researchers think we can design worker’s compensation systems that promote occupational health and safety and improve the wellbeing of injured workers – but stakeholders say that, like Australia, the US is not there yet.... read more >>
Supervisor training wasted without support from the top?
RTWMatters team | Before your organisation invests in supervisor training, ask whether the organisational culture reinforces or contradicts the lessons you think supervisors need to learn. ... read more >>

Industry News

National investigation into mental health at work
Published on October 09, 2018 | Mental health at work will be a key focus of a Productivity Commission investigation, the Federal Government has announced.  "It's focusing on the causes and the prevalence of mental health, the ability to recognise it, and help provide treatment, support, and recovery within the workplace," Health Minister Greg Hunt said.... read more >>
Burnout, work quality and the "toughen up" mentality
Published on October 05, 2018 | “Burnout is becoming more prevalent as time goes on and it has a lot to do with the intensity of our work environments as people need to perform at such a high level in order to succeed,” Dr Michael Leiter, world renowned expert on the psychology of work, told the 2018 Australian Psychological Society (APS) Congress late last month.... read more >>
Digital treatment effective for insomnia
Published on October 04, 2018 | Those of you looking for solutions after our coverage of the ill-effects of poor sleep on work and RTW, take hope. Digital treatment of insomnia is cost-effective, flexible, scalable and - best of all - effective, according to a new study with 1711 participants.... read more >>
Tas leads the way on PTSD compensation for emergency workers
Published on October 04, 2018 | Tasmania is set to become the first jurisdiction in Australia to amend workers' compensation legislation to include a presumptive provision for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for public sector workers.... read more >>
Accommodating unpaid carers at work
Published on September 25, 2018 | There's a "hidden workforce" of carers in Australia: around 2.7 billion Australians provide $60 billion worth of care each year, $13 billion of which is in the form of caring for someone with a mental health issue.... read more >>