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Form-fitting functional abilities to workers
Dr Mary Wyatt | A simple but effective South Australian initiative helps physios communicate with GPs about patients' functional abilities.... read more >>
What is an IME?
A. Richey | IME stands for Independent Medical Examination. They are used for a variety of reasons, depending on the situation.... read more >>
High demands + low control = depression, anxiety
RTWMatters team | New evidence strengthens link between job strain and common mental health disorders, with researchers arguing low control may be more damaging than high demands.... read more >>
Identifying and managing psychosocial risks
RTWMatters team | In this 5 minute guide, we give you the dot-point version of research into psychosocial risks and MSDs... read more >>

Industry News

Five tips to help you bank on workplace wellness
Published on June 19, 2018 | Employee performance and well-being consultant Franziska Alesso Bendisch has profiled BankUnited’s Bank On Wellness program for Forbes, highlighting 5 characteristics that she believes have led to unusually high employee engagement with the program.... read more >>
Fatal pair: job strain and chronic illness
Published on June 19, 2018 | A 14-year study reported in The Guardian has found that " with diabetes, heart disease, or who had previously suffered a stroke, were 68% more likely to die over the course of the study if they had demanding jobs with little control over their workload.... read more >>
iCARE to invest $5 mil in beating RTW barriers
Published on June 08, 2018 | iCARE is inviting pitches for new initiative WORKUP, seeking to support and empower workers to overcome complex personal and social barriers to return to work. Amanda Keogh, icare Foundation General Manager, said “With this call, we are inviting different ideas from innovative organisations who can offer initiatives not used before in the workers compensation system – from start-ups and social ventures to community development organisations.... read more >>
What makes managers happy at work?
Published on June 08, 2018 | Happy managers are low on three key job stressors, according to new Australian research reported on The Conversation. Role ambiguity, role conflict and role overload all increase managers' unhappiness, while reducing performance.... read more >>
Do perks and gimmicks keep us happy at work?
Published on June 05, 2018 | No, say Gary Cooper and Ivan Robertson, who are both Professors of Organisational Psychology at the University of Manchester, and directors of workplace wellbeing provider Robertson Cooper Ltd. Rather: "There is a real difference between happiness gimmicks and working in a well-being culture – one that values people, manages them by praise and reward rather than fault-finding, and that enables them to work flexibly and provides them with work-life balance.... read more >>