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Managing shoulder injuries and rethinking our approach - Dr Angus Forbes
22nd October 2019 at 3pm AEDT


How to support psychological claimants
Gabrielle Lis | When psychological claimants feel supported by their employer the RTW outlook is bright. Here we distil the advice of experts into a brief how-to guide to help you capitalise on the support advantage.... read more >>
Targeted learning eases job strain in the ICU
Gabrielle Lis | A 5-day intervention for ICU nurses in France establishes that individual workers can learn to cope better with stressful and demanding work.... read more >>
RTW-land has a social capital
Gabrielle Lis | Teams built on trust and cooperation - i.e. teams with high social capital - have less long term sick leave than teams in which suspicion and unfairness are the norm.... read more >>
Fair winners, fair losers in dispute resolution
A. Richey | What makes dispute resolution outcomes seem fair to workers?... read more >>

Industry News

Comcare, it's national mental health week!
Published on October 08, 2019 | It's a dismal stat: over the last three years, Comcare has rejected three out of every four claims for psychological injury, but only one in ten physical injury claims. According to an unidentified Comcare spokesman, "Determinations for psychological injury claims are invariably more complex than for physical injury.... read more >>
An architect reflects on working with severe mental illness
Published on October 08, 2019 | Five years ago, architect Kerwin Datu was diagnosed with type 1 bipolar disorder after what he describes as "a period of profound social isolation conducting fieldwork in West Africa". Now he has a message for employers and coworkers: people with severe mental illnesses can and do work, but the usual methods of dealing with them "may need to be set aside in favour of a method focused on building trust and communication over the long term".... read more >>
Grit, elite athletes and RTW
Published on October 04, 2019 | Mental toughness is the capacity to keep performing despite challenges both ordinary and extraordinary. High-performing athletes tend to have it in spades, and it helps them bounce back after injury. So what can such athletes teach us about RTW? According to sports psychologist Carrie Jackson Cheadle, ".... read more >>
More on the challenging situation in NSW
Published on October 04, 2019 | You might hit a paywall when you try to read this article by Tim Boyd for the Australian Financial Review (AFR), which unpacks the woes currently besetting the NSW workers' compensation scheme.  Here are the highlights low-lights: One industry insider told the AFR: "I have never seen a scheme deteriorate as much in such a short time frame.... read more >>
Put a bird on it! (Or a river. Or a mountain...)
Published on September 24, 2019 | No, no, we're not advising you to go back and re-watch Portlandia. But we do think you might be interested in a little study from the University of South Australia, which found that nature-based art in the workplace can reduce stress and mental fatigue.... read more >>