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In conversation with Angela Martin
RTWMatters team | A highly experienced “pracademic” outlines the research evidence best suited to helping employers improve mental health at work
Nobody builds better reciprocity than me, believe me
Dr Mary Wyatt | Actually, we don't believe you, Mr President! In the second in our series of articles on the persuasive tactics of Donald Trump, we look at one of his weaker points: reciprocity.
What is the story, Safe Work Australia?
RTWMatters team | Claims are going down but costs are going up. Has safety improved? We dig into the data on trends in Australian workers comp.
Preventing chronic MSDs
Gabrielle Lis | The right kind of vocational rehabilitation can stave off the transition to chronic disability. What influences the success of vocational rehabilitation programs for workers with long-term musculoskeletal disorders?

Industry News

A Current Affair deciding workers comp claims?
Published on December 04, 2017 | It was trial by A Current Affair for WorkSafe Victoria, which agreed to fund access to psychological support for an injured worker after he appeared on the Channel Nine program. Murray Tucker had his foot crushed at work.
Benefits of mental illness at work
Published on December 04, 2017 | Ever heard of the curb cut effect? It's when "designs intended to benefit people with disabilities often end up benefiting everyone. The curb cut (i.e. a wedge cut into an elevated curb), was originally designed to make sidewalks accessible to wheelchair users.
First person accounts of psychological injury at work
Published on December 01, 2017 | In this vivid article, people who've suffered psychological injury at work share their stories with For example, a child protection worker described his breakdown: "I just cracked up, I burst into tears and I told her how scared I was that this kid could even have suicided over the weekend and I was really very worried and I just fell to bits.
Not sporting: Should players get workers comp?
Published on December 01, 2017 | Former Essendon player John Barnes suffered hundreds of knocks to the head when he was in the AFL. For the last five years he's suffered from epilepsy and experienced memory loss that makes tasks like shopping for groceries difficult.
Mining for info on FIFO mental health
Published on November 20, 2017 | The University of Western Australia will survey 1500 fly in, fly out (FIFO) workers about wellbeing, mental health and the impact of FIFO work on families. The Mental Health Commission hopes organisations will use the results of the research to organise work in ways that promotes good mental health.