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Top ten ways to reduce sick leave
Gabrielle Lis | Keep workers and reduce sick leave with a dose of sick leave sugar (and a dash of lemon!)... read more >>
Webinar recording: Manage your mindset
Mark Stipic | 3 key principles of communication you can start using immediately to speed up your RTW outcomes ... read more >>
What skills do I need as a RTW Coordinator?
Anna Kelsey-Sugg | And how do I get those skills? Are they the same for Coordinators in companies of all sizes? ... read more >>
An intervention for low back pain that works
Gabrielle Lis | Evidence-based! Cost-effective! Proactive! Popular! You will love this new workplace intervention for high-risk workers with low back pain.... read more >>

Industry News

Child protection workers same as police, firies when it comes to stress?
Published on July 17, 2018 | A warning: the link in this heading leads to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald describing distressing scenes encountered by child protection workers. Please don't follow the link if you don't want to encounter such material at work.... read more >>
Focus on mental health outcomes, not claims numbers
Published on July 12, 2018 | “Most insurers are saying that mental illness claims are on the increase,”  says Margo Lydon, chief executive of SuperFriend. “We’ve been talking for 10 to 11 years about how, globally, we’re going to be seeing greater claims in the mental health space.... read more >>
Wake up call for office workers: trifecta of unhealthy behaviour
Published on July 12, 2018 | If you're after a bit of office worker affirmation, don't strike up a conversation with clinical exercise physiologist and corporate adviser Graeme Wright, who told PerthNow that desk-related work should come with a health warning.... read more >>
Mindfulness tools that boost productivity and lower stress
Published on July 06, 2018 | The ABC have teamed up with Smiling Mind and former Sydney Swans captain Brett Kirk to develop a series of mindfulness meditations, including some designed to help deal with different forms of workplace stress.... read more >>
Claim farming lawyers target workplace injury clients
Published on June 29, 2018 | In claim farming, telemarketers try to recruit clients for personal injury claims and then sell the client referrals to law firms. The practice is banned in some Australian states and against ethical guidelines in others.... read more >>