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The cross-sector project: Mapping Australian systems of income support for people with health-related work incapacity. – Michael Di Donato
September 18, 2018 at 4pm AEST


New insurer approach reduces delays in decisions about healthcare
Dr Mary Wyatt | Delays and disputes are stressful and can have a negative impact on recovery and return to work. The Medical Support Panel in NSW gives speedy, evidence-based answers to questions around work causation and medical treatment.... read more >>
Workplace Health Management programs save one hospital around $200k
Kevin Jones | Kevin Jones of the SafetyAtWorkBlog describes research into the benefits of said program, including reductions in injury management costs and premiums, fewer injury compensation claims and quicker RTW rates. ... read more >>
Tennis elbow fact sheet
Gabrielle Lis | A down-the-line serve about work and tennis elbow, including good news about recovery and prevention.... read more >>
Copycat, absent
Gabrielle Lis | A small proportion of employees imitate co-worker absence. Chucking a sickie is less appealing when the work team has strong social ties, and team members rely on each other to get the job done.... read more >>

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Accommodating unpaid carers at work
Published on September 25, 2018 | There's a "hidden workforce" of carers in Australia: around 2.7 billion Australians provide $60 billion worth of care each year, $13 billion of which is in the form of caring for someone with a mental health issue.... read more >>
Business SA calls for employers to support breaks, switching off
Published on September 20, 2018 | "If our workplaces and our workmates are supportive, and we take the breaks we should, seek the support we need when recognising we’re finding it tough or help is required, we’d all live in a much healthier space," says Business SA CEO Nigel McBride.... read more >>
Denying then accepting a claim increases cost 55%
Published on September 17, 2018 | US insurance broker Lockton Companies has released a report showing that "67 percent of denied claims convert to paid claims within a year" and that denying "then approving claims increases costs 55 percent over claims paid without first getting denied".... read more >>
Welcome reform of mental health claims for Victorian emergency workers
Published on September 17, 2018 | Victorian police, firefighters and paramedics who develop work-related mental health problems are set to receive much-needed (and long overdue) support courtesy of reforms to the ways in which mental health claims are handled.... read more >>
Benefits of activity trackers at work
Published on September 10, 2018 | According to Ron Goldstein in Forbes magazine, fitness trackers in the workplace provide numerous benefits including: a culture focused on health and wellbeing, enhanced chronic disease management and allowing employers to incentivise healthy habits.... read more >>