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Ten benefits of working and recovering at home
Gabrielle Lis | How might injured workers benefit from a stint of working from home, before returning to work?... read more >>
Ten challenges of working and recovering at home
Gabrielle Lis | Some injured workers will return to work at home before they get back to the physical workplace. Understand the challenges to help them thrive at work away from work.... read more >>
(Home) working it!
Gabrielle Lis | Accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives of remote work, with this strategic guide to making the most of working from home... read more >>
Webinar recording: The cross sector project -Mapping Australian Systems of Income Support for People with Health-Related Work Incapacity
Michael Di Donato | Michael Di Donato reports on the project undertaken by the Insurance Work and Health Group, Monash University.... read more >>

Industry News

NSW Business Chamber wants to reform the reforms
Published on December 13, 2018 | The 2015 overhaul of the NSW workers' compensation system  resulted in a three-way split of responsibilities between the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Insurance and Care NSW (icare) and SafeWork NSW.... read more >>
Father compares FIFO mental health risks to asbestos
Published on December 13, 2018 | "I question why should we as a community accept an industry inflicting higher than normal psychological distress and mental harm on its employees," said Peter Miller, whose son Rhys Conner took his own life in a FIFO accommodation camp on July 25, 2013.... read more >>
Pain management is a struggle - even for an expert...
Published on December 06, 2018 | Bear with us as we channel a banjo-plucking frog: It's not easy, feeling pain.  Kevin F. Boehnke, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, shares his personal experience of coming to terms with ongoing physical pain.... read more >>
Do employers gaslight workers when they preach safety but demand productivity?
Published on December 06, 2018 | The Guardian has published the diary of an anonymous Amazon warehouse worker, who describes being "gaslit" by the online shopping giant. According to the diary, Amazon tells new workers that safety is the number one priority in the businesses, but also makes unreasonable productivity demands and discourages injury reporting.... read more >>
SafeScript tackles doctor shopping for medications
Published on November 30, 2018 | On October 2, the Western Victoria Primary Health Network launched SafeScript, Australia’s first comprehensive real-time prescription monitoring system. Prescription records are transferred in real-time to a centralised database, which doctors and pharmacist can access during consultations.... read more >>