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Webinar: Understanding musculoskeletal problems -- Neck and back pain
Dr Mary Wyatt, 12th February 4pm AEDT.


Not all ergonomics is snake oil salesmanship
Gabrielle Lis | Sorting the healthy from the makin’-me-wealthy when it comes to the lucrative field of workplace ergonomics.... read more >>
Webinar Recording: Participatory Ergonomics & Manual Handling
Emma Morgan & Rachel Doody | This presentation will discuss how “Participatory Ergonomic” principles can be considered and implemented to increase workplace involvement in effectively controlling manual handling risks.... read more >>
Works often but not always: a closer look at participatory ergonomics
Gabrielle Lis | Not all participatory ergonomics programs are created equal, Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick tells RTWMatters. So what works, and what doesn’t?... read more >>
Intervention practices for depression in the workplace
Dr Mary Wyatt | Researchers from Canada sought to summarise the research on interventions for depression in the workplace.... read more >>

Industry News

Back injury, addiction and RTW
Published on February 11, 2019 | In this report from Minneapolis, work injury kicks off a bad-to-worse sequence, in which a meat cutter with a bad back moves from painkiller misuse to a heroin addiction. But work is also playing a role in re-establishing sobriety, with Johnny Petty describing the sense of pride and purpose he feels in holding down a job after many wasted years.... read more >>
Pre-shift smoko injury compensated: lawyer explains why
Published on February 11, 2019 | You've probably heard about the Maccas worker who toppled from the roof after smoking a cigarette up there prior to the start of the night shift. Many people raised their eyebrows when the Industrial Court of Queensland ruled she was eligible for workers' compensation for the broken leg she sustained when she fell.... read more >>
Workplace stigma and mental health
Published on February 11, 2019 | From an interview with UC Berkeley and UCSF professor, and internationally recognized psychologist, Stephen Hinshaw: “If we are in the default position where it’s too shameful to talk about, we’re lost.... read more >>
Exercise protects against depression - but don't ask me to measure it!
Published on February 01, 2019 | We've long been aware that people who exercise more tend to be less depressed. But does this mean that exercise prevents depression, or that depression prevents exercise? Drawing on genetic and other data from 611 ,583 adult participants in the UK Biobank Study, ingenious researchers looked for relationships between self-reported exercise levels, objective exercise levels (measured via an accelerometer) and symptoms of depression.... read more >>
Who announces 2019 focus on mental health at work?
Published on January 29, 2019 | The WHO does. (Sorry.) The World Health Organisation invites you to subscribe to their newsletter so that you can stay up to date with a new initiative: the development of guidelines addressing mental health at work.... read more >>