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Taking control of workers’ compensation – Simon Booth
28th November at 4pm AEDT.


PEMAs aren't perfect
RTWMatters team | Pre-employment medical assessments bring risks for employers as well as benefits. Potential downsides include inaccuracies, legal challenges and unrealistic expectations
Supervisors know RTW is a team sport
RTWMatters team | What competencies do supervisors think they need to manage the impact of RTW on teams and coworkers?
Team players or nay-sayers?
RTWMatters team | Five things that make or break co-worker support for modified duties during the early days of return to work.
Training to fail?
RTWMatters team | Australian Return to Work Coordinators complain about the quality and relevance of the training they receive. How can we do better?

Industry News

SA cops' top workers comp deal
Published on November 06, 2017 | In what industrial lawyer Michael Ats has described as "probably the best deal anywhere in Australia for employees", SA Police has secured an additional 40 years of income and medical benefits for injured cops, on top of what RTW legislation allows other South Australian workers.
Executive health ranked
Published on November 06, 2017 | The Executive Health Index summarises clinical data collected from 30,000 executive-level employees at 500 organisations across Australia between 2013 and 2017. The index ranks professions according to physical health, medical health, psychological health, lifestyle factors and overall health.
Worksafe Victoria still a hard slog for workers?
Published on November 06, 2017 | Workers continue to come forward claiming that they've been traumatised by their dealings with WorkSafe Victoria, with one man saying that "...they're actually worse now than when I first injured my foot in 2011.
Should comp access be limited by age?
Published on November 06, 2017 | Tasmanian workers' compensation legislation continues to discriminate against older workers, according to Council on the Ageing CEO Sue Leitch. Despite the fact that the legislation was recently amended to remove the lag-time that saw some older workers ineligible for both workers' compensation payments and the aged pension, Ms Leitch argues that the law should not mention age at all.
Workplace wellness in Romania
Published on October 23, 2017 | Across the European Union, Romanian workplaces have the highest scores for mental vitality, motivation, staff retention and productivity as measured by the Global Employee Engagement Index. What sets Romania apart? According to Stella Photi of Wellbeing Escapes, Romanian businesses prioritise worklife balance, take into account generational differences in the workplace, provide mechanisms that support mental wellbeing, incorporate arts and culture in the workplace and invest in employees.