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New insights: best practice risk factor identification for delayed return to work
Gabrielle Lis | A best practice statement sheds light on how – and when – we should collect, analyse and act on information predicting RTW struggles ahead. But there’s still a lot to learn…... read more >>
RTW intervention supergroup
RTWMatters team | International research says workplace interventions work best when they tick multiple boxes: focusing on health, service coordination AND work modification.... read more >>
Out-muscle depression with resistance exercise
Gabrielle Lis | Exercises that build muscle and power also reduce symptoms of depression. You do not need to bulk up to feel the benefits.... read more >>
Can botox injections replace surgery for refractory knee pain?
Dr Mary Wyatt | Exercise and surgery have long been the staple treatments for refractory knee pain - but is there a quicker (and less risky) fix?... read more >>

Industry News

Will digitising medical care make things more efficient, or destroy helpful human bonds?
Published on November 19, 2018 | In the New Yorker, surgeon and public health researcher  Atul Gawande takes a deep dive into the ongoing digitisation of healthcare, concluding that: "We ultimately need systems that make the right care simpler for both patients and professionals, not more complicated.... read more >>
An ex-private investigator asks: Is the surveillance of claimants a good idea?
Published on November 19, 2018 | Jessicah Mendes is an ABC journalist and private investigator who spent a year working for the insurance industry,  mostly on cases involving people with income protection or disability claims relating to a mental health condition.... read more >>
Ok, opioids are a problem. But how do we get people off problem medication?
Published on November 15, 2018 | Like a rock rolling down a hill, once a person starts taking a prescription medication it can be hard to halt their progress - even if that medication is harmful or unhelpful. Medical researchers Michael A.... read more >>
Emotional pain behind opioid misuse
Published on November 09, 2018 | "Australians are increasingly using prescription or over-the-counter painkillers to ease emotional, rather than physical, pain," writes criminologist Kev Dertadian on The Conversation.  "Our cultural understanding of pain is changing, and as a result it’s becoming more difficult to distinguish intoxication from relief.... read more >>
The mental health costs of no paid sick leave
Published on November 06, 2018 | American workers who don't have access to paid sick leave "are more likely to worry about paying their monthly bills, achieving their long-term retirement goals or being prepared for an illness or accident," according to a new study from researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Cleveland State University.... read more >>