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Common-sense claims processes are on target
Dr Mary Wyatt | In some jurisdictions, claim lodgement processes have become more user friendly and proactive about early intervention. What are the benefits?
Webinar recording: Deal with it early, deal with it right
Dr Mary Wyatt | The value of effective injury reporting systems
Childhood adversity at work
Gabrielle Lis | Adverse childhood experiences impact performance at work and are likely to impact recovery from work injury. How can we help?

Industry News

Royal gateway for workplace mental health
Published on March 09, 2018 | The young royals of the UK have announced a new mental health initiative: a website and online training tools to support wellbeing in the workplace. According to the Huffington Post UK, the website will host an "employer gateway and online training to equip employees and managers with tools, training and understanding of mental wellbeing in order to create a healthy and supportive working environment.
Light up our (working) lives
Published on March 07, 2018 | The oracle of the Cochrane Systematic Review has spoken: the research on lighting and wellbeing and performance at work is still in the dark ages. Despite describing the available research as of low to very low quality, the authors of the review found some evidence that: High CCT light improves alertness, but not mood, in daytime workers; High CCT light may cause less irritability, eye discomfort and headache than standard illumination; Different proportions of direct and indirect light in the workplace do not affect alertness or mood; and Individually applied blue-enriched light improves both alertness and mood.
Independent review of worker complaints to go in NSW?
Published on March 07, 2018 | The NSW Law Society and Unions NSW are both calling on the government to halt plans to abolish the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO), the state's only independent office that reviews complaints from injured workers in dispute over their compensation claims.
Public service considers private insurers
Published on March 07, 2018 | Some public service workers' compensation claims may soon be managed by private sector insurers, if government departments and agencies decide to take advantage of new options announced by Comcare this month.
Hospital anti-violence campaign seeks to protect doctors, nurses
Published on February 27, 2018 | In Western Australia, medical staff are being trained in self-defense techniques by the police. In Victoria, 95% of healthcare workers have experienced physical or verbal assault, according to WorkSafe Victoria.