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Mediation vs Litigation – Dispute resolution options with case study – Two part series.
Alison Shaw – 19th September.


What's with that knee? A first look
Dr Mary Wyatt | An introduction to knee injuries, covering the most common types of work-related knee problems, as well as the important questions to ensure accurate diagnosis.
Flexible workers or flexible work?
Gabrielle Lis | Choice and control is good for worker health, according to a review of the research on workplace flexibility.
Popularity contest
RTWMatters team | Rehabilitation professionals see the personal qualities of supervisors (e.g. honesty, fairness and diplomacy) as vital RTW offerings. Is emotional intelligence key?
Is RTW training for supervisors worth it?
Hilary Hoare | Training gives supervisors clarity and confidence; and clear, confident supervisors support RTW.

Industry News

Hefty cost for Woolworths shoulder injury
Published on August 14, 2017 | A former Woolworths’ cold room worker expected to lift more than 2000 heavy boxes per day to shoulder height and above has been awarded $231,211.45 in compensation plus legal costs by the Court of Appeal in Brisbane.
Who's the boss of mental health?
Published on August 14, 2017 | Increasing corporate advocacy for mentally healthy workplaces will be the priority of the Leading Well Queensland Collaboration, a new collaboration from the SuperFriend Mental Health Promotion Foundation and WorkCover Queensland, after a similar collaboration was launched in Victoria in 2014.
Mental health: Men point finger at work
Published on August 14, 2017 | Men are more likely to blame work for mental health problems than women, but less likely to speak up and ask for help, according to research from UK foundation MIND. Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, said, "Many men work in industries where a macho culture prevails or where a competitive environment may exist which prevents them from feeling able to be open.
Work and suicide
Published on August 14, 2017 | Some sobering facts from the Australian: "The construction and mining sectors, the most exposed to the boom and bust of Australia’s economy in recent decades, have the biggest suicide problem.
Psychological safety and physical safety linked
Published on July 31, 2017 | Experts in Canada are calling on the construction industry to come to grips with psychological injuries, pointing to a link between psychological safety and physical safety. According to health and safety consultant Jeff Lyth, swearing, bullying and harrassment are not the only signs of a poor health and safety climate.