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RTW: from policy to practice. An imperative for change and call to action

An important policy paper — It pays to care — calls for a conversation about, and action on, how we can work together to improve health and recovery outcomes and reduce the barriers to care for...

RTW: from policy to practice. How to make change happen

The 'It Pays to Care' report calls for change in our work injury schemes, but recognises that change is hard, even when we know what we need to do. One model that looks at ‘organisational...

‘An epidemic of useless and often harmful care’ — Part 1

Our standard pathway of care in injury management leads to low value care and over-investigation, over-diagnosis and over-treatment. Dr Mary Wyatt, Occupational Physician, presents some ideas to...

The power of choosing our mindset

Tips to help develop a mindset that builds resilience and helps us deal with challenging situations.

‘WorkWell: Preventing mental injury and promoting mental health’

There are 11 work-related factors that employers must identify and manage to prevent mental injury and promote safe and mentally healthy workplaces.

What do we know about secondary psychological conditions after a physical work injury?

How can we better to identify and support workers who are risk of developing secondary psychological conditions, and prevent them from occurring in the first place?

‘I can do that’ — how building self-efficacy can support workers return to work

How to help build self-efficacy — tips for supporting a worker who may have lost confidence after being away from work.

'I want to do that' — the importance of autonomy, competence and relatedness

We all have 3 basic psychological needs that must be fulfilled if we are to do well and feel good at work. What are they?