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Research is chosen for review based on quality of the evidence and its practical value in return to work.

Requests to undertake reviews of research on particular subjects are welcome.

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What sustains RTW success for workers with mental and musculoskeletal conditions?

contributorLauren Finestone

Supervisors, senior managers and workplace culture play an important role in how well workers do...

‘I rest my case’ — the evidence is in on psychosocial hazards for law teachers

contributorLauren Finestone

Universities need to support student well-being, but this requires them to support the...

Do you see what I see? — there’s safety in unity

contributorLauren Finestone

A study suggests that when employers and workers agree on what workplace risks are and how to...

Be a caring climate engineer — a roadmap for cultivating healthier and more successful workplaces

contributorLauren Finestone

Evidence shows that a caring environment can have a powerful impact on workers’ mental health...

Quality of work predicts mental health

contributorRTWMatters team

There is a strong link between work quality and mental health, and some workers are slugged by...

What hurts worse, trauma or workplace insensitivity?

contributorGabrielle Lis

For ambulance workers, mental health issues result not just from exposure to traumatic events,...

Works often but not always: a closer look at participatory ergonomics

contributorGabrielle Lis

Not all participatory ergonomics programs are created equal, Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick...

Supervisor training wasted without support from the top?

contributorRTWMatters team

Before your organisation invests in supervisor training, ask whether the organisational culture...

Where are the mental health nuts and bolts?

contributorRTWMatters team

Mental health capabilities, culture, policies and procedures are lacking compared to leadership...

Research short: My boss makes me sick

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Poor management often leads to higher levels of employee stress and sickness.

The less involved senior managers are, the better they rate health and safety

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Hands-off senior managers overestimate the safety and health of their workplace compared to...

Supervising recovery

contributorAndrea Thompson

Employer response to injury impacts employee recovery. This study identifies where employers go...

Hospitable RTW

contributorJoy Hewitt

Employer reactions can determine RTW outcomes: making workers welcome matters

Want to reduce sick leave? Be a good leader!

contributorTom Wells-Quinn

Good organisational leadership reduces sick leave and disability

Healthy work environment = Healthy workers

contributorFrancesca McSteen

Workers care about support and respect in the workplace and notice whether health and safety are...

Is RTW training for supervisors worth it?

contributorHilary Hoare

Training gives supervisors clarity and confidence; and clear, confident supervisors support RTW.

The super-view of super-RTW

contributorJoy Hewitt

What do supervisors think about multidisciplinary vocational rehabilitation programs?

Leadership in the workplace

contributorFriyana Bhabha

Does good leadership promote good health?

Satisfied? Not really, boss

contributorJulian Fernando

Management and supervisors overestimate the level of satisfaction workers have in their jobs.