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How Dr Wyatt analysed the National Return to Work Survey

contributorGabrielle Lis

In which we introduce the National Return to Work Survey, describe how Dr Wyatt has analysed the...

WorkSafe Victoria failing the most vulnerable: insurers profiting

contributorGabrielle Lis

We summarise the Victorian Ombudsman's investigation into WorkSafe's handling of complex claims,...

Better than ever: Enjoy the revamped RTWMatters website

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Our best content is now easier to navigate. Keep an eye out for new research and resources that...

Webinar recording: Effective physical rehab

contributorDamien Amsuss

The injured worker needs and deserves it.

Can you ‘teach’ workers to be more emotionally resilient?

contributorYvonne Brunetto

You may know someone like this at work: optimistic and resilient, they appear to bounce through...

A basic introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

contributorFerdinand Marin

Learn the basics about Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), one of the most effective forms of...

Webinar recording: Physiotherapists and return to work

contributorRoss Iles & Paul Coburn

This panel discussion explores physiotherapy strategic approaches to improve return to work and...

Bus Wellness Guide 2: A guide for managers

contributorA. Richey

Managers and supervisors can have an enormous impact on employee health, wellness and safety....

Psychological Cases: developing a psychologically healthy workplace

contributorA. Richey

The workplace is a social environment. For many, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of...

Webinar recording: Improve mental health in your workplace

contributorKevin St Mart

An introduction to the Workplace Alliance and Beyondblue's workplace mental health initiative

Speaking Up 4: When injured workers need to speak up

contributorA. Richey

Effective communication is particularly important when an injured worker is returning to work...

Speaking Up 3: Staff speaking up

contributorA. Richey

As an employee, it's often seen as easier to keep quiet, but the reality is that you need to...

Speaking Up 2: Employers enabling open communication

contributorA. Richey

Many employees tend to be wary of communicating openly in the workplace, so what can employers...

Speaking Up 1: The Benefits of Open Communication

contributorA. Richey

Open communication in the workplace is sign of a positive workplace culture.

Webinar recording: Cultivating happiness at work to improve RTW

contributorAlexandra Blakemore

The Happiness at Work Program, a 30-day program devised to improve personal happiness and...

Prehabilitation: improving the results of surgery

contributorA. Richey

Prehabilitation is an approach to aid people recover from surgery and increase the likelihood of...

Lifestyle Factors: Nutrition & RTW

contributorA. Richey

Absenteeism due to employee health costs Australian businesses around $7 billion annually and...

Lifestyle Factors and RTW: Drugs

contributorA. Richey

According to NDSHS data, workers are more likely to have used illicit drugs in the past 12...

Lifestyle Factors and RTW: Alcohol

contributorA. Richey

Alcohol and smoking are the most common legal drugs in use in Australia today.

Lifestyle Factors and RTW: Fatigue

contributorA. Richey

Fatigue is often the result of a lack of sleep, prolonged mental or physical work, or lengthy...

Lifestyle Factors and RTW: Fitness

contributorA. Richey

Fitness lowers the risk of injury and aids recovery, but 71% of the Australian working...

Disputes: at what cost?

contributorA. Richey

If an employee is suspected of 'gaming the system,' is it worth investigating the matter further...

Webinar recording: What works - Lessons from overseas

contributorRobert Aurbach

The most successful workers' compensation system in the world is one you haven't heard of.

Dispute Resolutions: How does your jurisdiction stack up?

contributorA. Richey

The CPM report provides information on disputation rates and dispute resolution rates across...

Disputes: is avoidance the best policy?

contributorA. Richey

Workers compensation disputes are often both costly and time consuming. While sometimes they're...

Webinar recording: Independent Medical Examiners: Assessing capacity for work

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Dr Mary Wyatt explores the role of the IME in assessing work capacity for injured or ill employees.

Claims Process: the stress of making a claim

contributorA. Richey

When a worker is injured, there might be fears for their job stability, financial burdens, or...

Medical treatment: the importance of early access

contributorA. Richey

Delayed access to medical treatment means delayed recovery.

Dr Melita Giummarra: Injury, Compensation and Perceptions of Injustice

contributorA. Richey

Monash University in association with the Transport Accident Commission conducted a study into...

Compensation: does it do more harm than good?

contributorA. Richey

Professor Ian Cameron from the University of Sydney spoke at the 2016 ISCRR Forum on ways that...

Psychological Cases: prevention is better than the cure

contributorA. Richey

The workplace is a social environment. For many, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of...

Orebro: the questionnaire you need to know about

contributorA. Richey

The Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire (or OMPQ) used to be known as the Acute Back Pain...

Vic Ombudsman: inquiry into workers' compensation

contributorA. Richey

The Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, has begun an investigation into the handling of workers’...

Management tips: Resolving conflict in the workplace

contributorA. Richey

Unresolved conflict can cause many problems in the workplace. Don't let it!