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If you need to learn the facts quickly, then our quick guides are a blessing. These practical bit sized guides help you learn easily and give you a sound basic knowledge base.

We’ll teach you the golden rules of RTW management and show you the hurdles before they trip you up. Our top ten series looks at everything from improving return to work outcomes, to dealing with the doc and handling stress claims.

Already an expert? Why not use our quick guides to help educate your injured workers, co-workers, supervisors and management, and help make your job that little bit easier.

Do you know how to develop a return to work plan?

contributorLauren Finestone

Research shows workers have poorer health outcomes if they are away from work for a long time. A...

Use the Force to manage stress

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Tips from the Safety Strategy Manager of Victoria Police for managing stress in a challenging...

RTW conflict Q & A

contributorRTWMatters team

Unresolved workplace conflict can prevent RTW, so RTW professionals need to know how to...

Extinguish smoking at work

contributorTom Barton

Make your workplace a totally smoke-free zone

Supervisors apathetic about RTW?

contributorGabrielle Lis

Six apathy-busting tips for when supervisors just don't seem to care about managing RTW.

Supervising wellbeing

contributorGabrielle Lis

How do managers and supervisors impact the mental and emotional wellbeing of their team? Is it...

White collar, blue collar

contributorGabrielle Lis

Are you a RTW professional daunted by the prospect of working with a predominantly blue collar...

Office ergonomics

contributorTom Barton

Keep your workers happy, healthy and productive! Find out why ergonomics is important and then...

Ten RRTWC pearlers

contributorRRTWCs of Queensland

Q-Comp was so impressed by the collective wisdom of QLD RRTWCs, they compiled a list of tips to...

Styles of communication

contributorGabrielle Lis

Passive. Aggressive. Assertive. How does your professional communication style affect your...

Reducing cancer in the workplace

contributorTom Barton

Implementing primary prevention policies can reduce your workers' risk of developing cancer.

Run off your feet?

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

RTW Coordinators who manage time well do better. What are the secrets to good time management?

Fact sheet: Plantar fasciitis

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Painful inflammation of the heel and foot.

Acupuncture explained

contributorGabrielle Lis

Researchers now know how tiny, drug-free needles kill pain. This briefing paper covers what...


contributorGabrielle Lis

Shh! The low-down on confidentiality, return to work and workers' comp.

Quick guide: Avoiding litigation

contributorGabrielle Lis

Don't send yourself--or your worker--to the dogs! Fair in-house systems can keep claims out of...

Strategic implementation Q&A

contributorGabrielle Lis

How to take the long view and get where you want to go, faster.

Quick Guide: Self efficacy

contributorGabrielle Lis

Not every injured or ill worker has the "I think I can" attitude of the Little Engine That...

A quick guide to managing cases

contributorGabrielle Lis

The who, what, where, when of RTW case management

Shouldering on

contributorGabrielle Lis

A fact sheet about shoulder pain, including workplace contributions and solutions

Top ten ways to reduce sick leave

contributorGabrielle Lis

Keep workers and reduce sick leave with a dose of sick leave sugar (and a dash of lemon!)

Tennis elbow fact sheet

contributorGabrielle Lis

A down-the-line serve about work and tennis elbow, including good news about recovery and...

Fact sheet: Medical certification in Australia

contributorGabrielle Lis

Sickness certificates can be dangerous. Proceed with caution!

Want to be a back pain superhero?

contributorGabrielle Lis

This comprehensive guide to helping workers with back pain will have you donning lycra in no time...

Suspicious about a claim at your small business?

contributorGabrielle Lis

There are three golden rules for small business owners who doubt the work-relatedness of an...

Dealing with downsizing

contributorGabrielle Lis

A quick guide to minimising negative impacts of downsizing on workers' comp claims and return to...

RTW relationship hurdles 2: Doctors and employers

contributorGabrielle Lis

Hurdling with a briefcase is tough, so why not dismantle RTW relationship barriers before they...

RTW relationship hurdles 1: Doctors and employers

contributorGabrielle Lis

Part One - What are the barriers to good doctor / employer relationships?

Juggling RTW and performance issues?

contributorGabrielle Lis

These practical industry insights will save you from having to grow an extra pair of arms...

Why base rehab in the workplace?

contributorGabrielle Lis

If you're having trouble convincing injured or ill workers that early return to work is the best...

To schmooze or not to schmooze?

contributorGabrielle Lis

There's no question about it, injured workers need special treatment. Employers, here are ten...

6 simple apathy busters

contributorGabrielle Lis

Supervisors apathetic about RTW? You gotta bust that apathy ASAP!

Top ten things to avoid in RTW

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg and Gabrielle Lis

Maximise the chances of great RTW outcomes by avoiding these bad boys.

Only know the bare bones about arthritis?

contributorGabrielle Lis

Flesh out your arthritis knowledge with a to-the-point briefing paper...

Who gets involved in modifying duties - and how?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Who has control over organising modified duties in your workplace - and what are the pros and...

I'm a RTW Coordinator and my work won't listen to me!

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

What approaches can you take in the all-too-common situation of needing to convince others that...