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The ‘Four Cs’ of supporting workers with long Covid symptoms return to work

contributorLauren Finestone

Thousands of workers with long Covid are, and will continue to be, exploring return to work. Dr...

Get out the barometer — your organisation's psychosocial safety climate predicts RTW

contributorLauren Finestone

Senior management teams can be ‘psychosocial safety climate’ engineers.

'Above all, do no harm'. Towards a therapeutic approach to workers’ compensation.

contributorLauren Finestone

Is the concept of ‘Above all, do no harm’ relevant to our workers compensation schemes?

Regulation toolkit: compliance as a way to influence RTW

contributorLauren Finestone

Workers get the bad press, but other scheme participants behave in ways that are unethical. This...

Regulation toolkit: encouragement, engagement and upskilling as a way to influence RTW

contributorLauren Finestone

Regulators can constructively influence our work injury scheme through encouragement, engagement...

RTW: from research to practice. The ‘know-do gap’ through a complex systems lens

contributorLauren Finestone

In our ongoing quest to find ways to translate research into practice in our work injury...

RTW: from policy to practice. Is your organisation ready for change?

contributorLauren Finestone

Implementing evidence-based interventions to improve how we care for workers is not easy. Are...

RTW: from policy to practice. How to make change happen

contributorLauren Finestone

The 'It Pays to Care' report calls for change in our work injury schemes, but recognises that...

‘WorkWell: Preventing mental injury and promoting mental health’

contributorLauren Finestone

There are 11 work-related factors that employers must identify and manage to prevent mental...

Thrive at work - Resources and guides

contributorProfessor Karina Jorritsma

We speak with Professor of Practice Karina Jorritsma, one of the lead researchers at Thrive at...

Unreliable, dangerous, incompetent?

contributorRTWMatters team

Awareness of workplace injury stigma is low amongst Australian employers but the costs may be...

Let go of toxic workplace 'emotional labour' in 2019

contributorAstrid Helene Kendrick, University of Calgary

Deep acting at work could be a protective factor for employees in challenging situations, but it...

Work injury and good work

contributorDr Sara Pazell

What is "human-centred" design and how might it reduce work injuries and ease return to...

Webinar recording: An update on the Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) Campaign

contributorSuzanne Jones

And initiatives of the Australian HBGW Signatory Steering Group.

Webinar recording: Employers - The biggest influencers in RTW

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Dr Wyatt discusses the lessons for employers from Return to Work Survey findings

Can you ‘teach’ workers to be more emotionally resilient?

contributorYvonne Brunetto

You may know someone like this at work: optimistic and resilient, they appear to bounce through...

Bus Wellness Guide 2: A guide for managers

contributorA. Richey

Managers and supervisors can have an enormous impact on employee health, wellness and safety....

Speaking Up 4: When injured workers need to speak up

contributorA. Richey

Effective communication is particularly important when an injured worker is returning to work...

Speaking Up 2: Employers enabling open communication

contributorA. Richey

Many employees tend to be wary of communicating openly in the workplace, so what can employers...

Webinar recording: Cultivating happiness at work to improve RTW

contributorAlexandra Blakemore

The Happiness at Work Program, a 30-day program devised to improve personal happiness and...

Wellness: a whole of industry approach

contributorA. Richey

While the health and wellness concerns of the bus industry are similar to other industries...

Surgeons: what can other organisations learn from the report?

contributorA. Richey

The Royal Australian College of Surgeons recently released a report into discrimination,...

Critical Ideas for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace

contributorA. Richey

In this webinar on Conflict, Emotion, Incidents, & Behaviour, Pierre Nadeau, Respectful...

Health and Wellness in the Workplace: how to promote it

contributorA. Richey

Every business wants to increase productivity and make money. Many businesses are, however,...

When you suspect an employee

contributorA. Richey

Joe Unreliable and Jane Dodge have lodged claims for workers' compensation. How should you...

Role Summary: Co-workers

contributorA. Richey

An injured individual who feels supported and confident with work colleagues has a better return...

Fanol Isai: RTW in Aged Care

contributorA. Richey

Fanol Isai from Catholic Homes won the “Return to Work Coordinator Excellence” WorkSafe Victoria...

RTW and the workplace: Reciprocity rules Part 2

contributorMary Wyatt, using a Safe Work Australia report

Results from the national Return to Work Survey show the strength and consistency of workplace...

RTW and the workplace: Reciprocity rules

contributorMary Wyatt, using a Safe Work Australia report

Results from the national Return to Work Survey show the strength and consistency of workplace...

A new approach to workplace bullying

contributorStefanie Garber

We speak to Dr Doron Samuell, an expert on workplace bullying, about office disputes, gender and...

Recorded webinar: Bullying, interpersonal conflict and psychological injuries - Dr Doron Samuell

contributorDr Doron Samuell

Whilst psychological injury claims are less common that physical workplace injuries, they...

Bullied by bullying claims

contributorStefanie Garber

A rise in frivolous or even malicious bullying claims may undermine the plight of true victims.

Who gets bullied by whom - and where?

contributorStefanie Garber

An insight into common personality traits shared by victims of bullying, as well as...

Follow the leader

contributorStefanie Garber

Regulatory bodies set the standard for other organisations in their industry. In relation to...

6 steps to a bully-free workplace

contributorStefanie Garber

Workplace bullying can seem difficult to tackle. A sensitive approach is needed, combined with...

Laying down the law

contributorStefanie Garber

Several legal options exist for victims of bullying, each with different outcomes. How effective...