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Cancer-related disability: getting on with life and work

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Cancer patients need thorough reviews post treatment so they can return to suitable working...

Getting back to work: an interview with John Stubbs.

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Interview with Cancer Voices Australia executive director and cancer survivor John Stubbs.

From fighting cancer to fostering Cancer Voices

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Cancer survivor John Stubbs talks about his journey back to good health and back to work, in a...

Rehabilitation of cancer patients - addressing a lack

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Why is it then that cancer survivors have less access to help with rehabilitation post-treatment?

Working with quadriplegia ONE: what motivates return to employment

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

What helped Mario return to work after a car accident left him with quadriplegia?

Returning to work after depression

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

RTW Matters speak with Clare Shann from beyondblue, the national depression initiative, about...

Chapter review from 'Handbook of Cancer Survivorship'

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Return to work advice specifically for cancer survivors.

Motivation - Part Seven (a)

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

The penultimate article in the 'Motivation Series' looks at Motivational Interviewing and the...

Understanding successful return to work for cancer survivors

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

It's more important than ever to understand the factors that help and hinder cancer patients...

What is evidence based medicine and why do we need it?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

What does "evidence based medicine" refer to exactly, and why should we care to know?

Diamond discovered while down in the dumps about return to work.

contributorGabrielle Lis

A new UK report finds that RTW depression is widespread, even when physical illness is the...

What do RTW Professionals need to know about CBT?

contributorGabrielle Lis

The basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how it can be used to resolve difficult RTW cases.

Anxiety Q&A Part 2: The costs

contributorGabrielle Lis

In part two of this three part series, we look at the personal, economic and work-related costs...

Anxiety Q&A 3: Working with anxiety

contributorGabrielle Lis

This final instalment provides tips for helping anxious employees maintain their cool and remain...

Quick Guide: Self efficacy

contributorGabrielle Lis

Not every injured or ill worker has the "I think I can" attitude of the Little Engine That...

Asking assertively

contributorGabrielle Lis

Know what you want from people at work, but not how to get it? Learn how to talk the talk, and...

Motivational interviewing and RTW Webinar

contributorRoss Iles

Motivated employees have better return to work outcomes.

Active listening eTool

contributorScott Sanderson and Gabrielle Lis

Don't just hear the words, listen to them. These five steps to becoming an active listener will...

Patient styles, distress, and what they get

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

How patients communicate has an important influence on the treatment they receive.

Making the most of a referral for pain management

contributorBronnie Thompson

What does it mean and how to make the most of it.

The ABC of CBT: Part One

contributorGabrielle Lis

In which we - and injured worker Ms W - learn that 'C' is for 'Cognitive,' and that thoughts...

The ABC of CBT: Part Two

contributorGabrielle Lis

In which we - and injured worker Ms W - learn that when you change your behaviour, you also...

The ABC of CBT: Part Three

contributorGabrielle Lis

In which we ask: Who would benefit from CBT? How can you broach the subject of therapy in the...

Recorded Webinar: Communicating with Doctors - GPs and Specialists

contributorDr Phillip Meyerkort

This webinar explores how RTW Coordinators and Claims Managers can communicate effectively with...

Influence: The gentle art of disagreeing

contributorCarolyn Mounce

Real influence is when you build from agreement, not from conflict; to align and lead rather...

Webinar Recording: Adjusting to change

contributorKaren Stevens

Adjusting to change is difficult for all of us, but it can be particularly difficult after a...

Making the most of a referral for pain management

contributorBronnie Thompson

What does it mean and how to make the most of it.

Webinar recording: Independent Medical Examiners: Assessing capacity for work

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Dr Mary Wyatt explores the role of the IME in assessing work capacity for injured or ill employees.

Prehabilitation: improving the results of surgery

contributorA. Richey

Prehabilitation is an approach to aid people recover from surgery and increase the likelihood of...

Webinar recording: Life Insurance - What to do when you don't have a big stick - Make carrot soup.

contributorMLC Life Insurance

Meredith Taylor, Trina Moyes and Josh Agar from MLC Life Insurance discuss innovative ways to...

Common-sense claims processes are on target

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

In some jurisdictions, claim lodgement processes have become more user friendly and proactive...

Anxiety Q&A Part 1: The basics

contributorGabrielle Lis

Understanding anxious employees is the first step in helping them maintain their cool and remain...

Working with quadriplegia TWO: physical challenges need flexible management

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Mario was set to become a surgeon before an accident left him with quadriplegia. Management...

Turning a dead-end into a new start

contributorStefanie Garber

An individualised, flexible re-training program aimed at giving people confidence may be key to...

Cancer and Fatigue: in the workplace

contributorA. Richey

When dealing with cancer, fatigue is a common side effect of treatments. It may include...

Ten tips for communicating with doctors

contributorTom Barton

Dr Robyn Horsley gives us ten tips for great communication with the treating doctor.

How do doctors assess a person's ability to work?

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Medical assessments of work capacity are not always defined by what a worker is capable of....

Webinar recording: Best practice independent medical assessments

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

This webinar expands on the previous presentation on independent medical assessment basics.

Self-Management: training the treaters

contributorA. Richey

Self-management is a vital part of recovery from illness, but how can treaters be trained to...