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This page lists all research updates available on Return to Work Matters.

Research is chosen for review based on quality of the evidence and its practical value in return to work.

Requests to undertake reviews of research on particular subjects are welcome.

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Upper extremity trauma: What happens after workers return to work?

contributorFriyana Bhabha

Understanding work and cost outcomes of overuse arm problems.

What is behind psychosocial sick leave?

contributorFrederieke Schaafsma

A look at the factors which predict psychosocial sick leave.

Optimising occupational health

contributorFrederieke Schaafsma

Decisions made in occupational health care that follow the 5-step protocol of evidence based...

Distress, fatigue and long-term sick leave

contributorFrederieke Schaafsma

What puts men and women at risk of taking long term sick leave? This study explores the roles...

Tick, tick, tick: The timing of intervention.

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Intervention by nurse case managers during the first week after onset of back pain improves...

Why me? Predicting neck pain

contributorJoy Hewitt

Certain factors put people at risk of recurrent neck pain. What predicts recovery? This study...

A pain in the neck?

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

A Canadian study explores the relationship between neck pain and lost time claims.

Early intervention: Risky business?

contributorGabrielle Lis

Early intervention programs for lower back pain aim to keep workers in the workplace. How can...

When safety turns dangerous...

contributorAndrea Thompson

Safety incentive programs may reduce workplace injury rates but they can also cause...

Save lives and money: introducing sustainable health and work

contributorAndrea Thompson

The best work disability programs are broader than return to work management. Improving the...

More than just pain

contributorFriyana Bhabha

There is more to chronic widespread pain, than pain itself.

Compensating for legislation

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Case Study NSW: How do changes to a compensation system effect whiplash recovery outcomes?

Left behind in the RTW journey - Part 2

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Long term claimants commonly describe a system that is frustrating, does not consider their...

Shoulder and elbow pain - which treatments work?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Evidence for and against common treatments for shoulder and elbow pain.

Lifting expectations brings results

contributorJulian Fernando

Advice for health professionals about the best attitudes for patients to adopt on the road to...

Return-to-work coordinators: who are they and what do they do?

contributorJoy Hewitt

A detailed review of the tasks and role of coordinators