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Disability management pegged: Part 1

contributorGabrielle Lis

You don't have to hang anybody out to dry to get your systems pegged. Instead, make plans and...

Shouldering on

contributorGabrielle Lis

A fact sheet about shoulder pain, including workplace contributions and solutions

Top ten ways to reduce sick leave

contributorGabrielle Lis

Keep workers and reduce sick leave with a dose of sick leave sugar (and a dash of lemon!)

Eight RTW mantras to get you through

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Hand-selected return to work mantras to help your RTW experience run more smoothly.

Tennis elbow fact sheet

contributorGabrielle Lis

A down-the-line serve about work and tennis elbow, including good news about recovery and...

Resolving long-term claims

contributorGabrielle Lis

We profile a success story in identifying and dismantling non-medical barriers to RTW at Concord...

Signs of employee disengagement

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Advice on how to bite the signs of disengagement - before they bite you

Fact sheet: Medical certification in Australia

contributorGabrielle Lis

Sickness certificates can be dangerous. Proceed with caution!

How YOU can take charge of RTW

contributorGabrielle Lis

A fact sheet for injured workers.

Suspicious Minds

contributorGabrielle Lis

Tips for supervisors who have their doubts about a worker's injury or compensation claim.

Come on get happy!

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Want a better workplace? Get happier. Here are some pointers on how.

Anxiety Q&A 3: Working with anxiety

contributorGabrielle Lis

This final instalment provides tips for helping anxious employees maintain their cool and remain...

Want to be a back pain superhero?

contributorGabrielle Lis

This comprehensive guide to helping workers with back pain will have you donning lycra in no time...

What is a RTW coordinator?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Jack of all trades? Conjurer of motivation and modified duties? Piggy in the middle? We lay it...

Suspicious about a claim at your small business?

contributorGabrielle Lis

There are three golden rules for small business owners who doubt the work-relatedness of an...

Highway to hell?

contributorRosemary McKenzie-Ferguson and Gabrielle Lis

What's it like to enter the workers' comp system as an ill or injured worker?

Anxiety Q&A Part 2: The costs

contributorGabrielle Lis

In part two of this three part series, we look at the personal, economic and work-related costs...

Back Pain & RTW

contributorCheryl Griffiths

Everything you need to know about back pain and RTW in one hit!

Communicating with "The System"

contributorRosemary McKenzie-Ferguson and Gabrielle Lis

Workers struggle to listen and be heard. How does this affect them?

Anxiety Q&A Part 1: The basics

contributorGabrielle Lis

Understanding anxious employees is the first step in helping them maintain their cool and remain...

Bullying in Australian workplaces: Q&A

contributorGabrielle Lis

Bullying is bad for workplace health and bad for RTW. How widespread is it, and how does it...

Dealing with downsizing

contributorGabrielle Lis

A quick guide to minimising negative impacts of downsizing on workers' comp claims and return to...

Who at your work would make the best RTW coordinator?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

How do employers know who is the right staff member to delegate the role of RTW coordinator?

Strategic planning - how can I and why should I?

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Arranging resources helps to achieve long-term workplace objectives. Here's how to make injury...

RTW relationship hurdles 2: Doctors and employers

contributorGabrielle Lis

Hurdling with a briefcase is tough, so why not dismantle RTW relationship barriers before they...

RTW relationship hurdles 1: Doctors and employers

contributorGabrielle Lis

Part One - What are the barriers to good doctor / employer relationships?

Juggling RTW and performance issues?

contributorGabrielle Lis

These practical industry insights will save you from having to grow an extra pair of arms...

"Getting back is the best"

contributorHeather Millar, SA

Aged care worker, Donna Taylor, remains positive by taking on an admin role following an injury...

Motivational mojo medicine

contributorGabrielle Lis

RTW motivation can be hard to muster...Unless you've had your dose of the RTWMatters...

Stalled RTW?

contributorGabrielle Lis

This simple checklist will help you pinpoint the problem and jump start the process.

Why base rehab in the workplace?

contributorGabrielle Lis

If you're having trouble convincing injured or ill workers that early return to work is the best...

To schmooze or not to schmooze?

contributorGabrielle Lis

There's no question about it, injured workers need special treatment. Employers, here are ten...

Overloaded employees underperform

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Why it's worth noticing when employees feel overloaded - and what you can do about it.

How to recognise if you're "in the zone" at work

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Missing the zing in your step? Here's some help to refresh at work and steps to getting in the...

6 simple apathy busters

contributorGabrielle Lis

Supervisors apathetic about RTW? You gotta bust that apathy ASAP!

Top ten things to avoid in RTW

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg and Gabrielle Lis

Maximise the chances of great RTW outcomes by avoiding these bad boys.

Only know the bare bones about arthritis?

contributorGabrielle Lis

Flesh out your arthritis knowledge with a to-the-point briefing paper...

What do RTW Professionals need to know about CBT?

contributorGabrielle Lis

The basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how it can be used to resolve difficult RTW cases.