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Get out the barometer — your organisation's psychosocial safety climate predicts RTW

contributorLauren Finestone

Senior management teams can be ‘psychosocial safety climate’ engineers.

'Above all, do no harm'. Towards a therapeutic approach to workers’ compensation.

contributorLauren Finestone

Is the concept of ‘Above all, do no harm’ relevant to our workers compensation schemes?

Regulation toolkit: compliance as a way to influence RTW

contributorLauren Finestone

Workers get the bad press, but other scheme participants behave in ways that are unethical. This...

RTW: from research to practice. The ‘know-do gap’ through a complex systems lens

contributorLauren Finestone

In our ongoing quest to find ways to translate research into practice in our work injury...

RTW: from policy to practice. Is your organisation ready for change?

contributorLauren Finestone

Implementing evidence-based interventions to improve how we care for workers is not easy. Are...

Webinar recording - WorkWell: Preventing mental injury and promoting mental health

contributorJennifer Fry

In this webinar, Jennifer Fry, Director of WorkWell at WorkSafe Victoria, shares free tools and...

Small business guide: Looking after yourself and your people

contributorNational Mental Health Commission

A guide to managing mental health in small businesses, during Covid-19 and beyond.

Getting the workplace onside

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

A guide to help insurance case managers, RTW Coordinators and rehabilitation providers motivate...

Need to persuade higher-ups to take action on mental health at work?

contributorRTWMatters team

Progressive think-tank The Australia Institute has released a report that quantifies the costs...

The brain science of good boss, bad boss

contributorGabrielle Lis

New discoveries in neuroscience can help explain why some colleagues and work situations bring...

Bus Wellness Guide 2: A guide for managers

contributorA. Richey

Managers and supervisors can have an enormous impact on employee health, wellness and safety....

Speaking Up 2: Employers enabling open communication

contributorA. Richey

Many employees tend to be wary of communicating openly in the workplace, so what can employers...

Webinar recording: Supervisors and co-workers, vital but often overlooked links in RTW

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

This webinar explores evidence on how supervisors and coworkers can influence RTW, and how to...

Role Summary: Senior Management

contributorA. Richey

Senior management provides leadership for the team and sets the tone for the rest of the...

Role Summary: Supervisors

contributorA. Richey

While the employee has the greatest influence over return to work outcomes, supervisor input is...

Webinar Recording: Understanding others

contributorCarolyn Mounce

The art of influence in return to work

Webinar Recording: Supervisor Training

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

This webinar presentation with PIEF discusses the impact of training supervisors on return to...

RTW and the workplace: Reciprocity rules Part 2

contributorMary Wyatt, using a Safe Work Australia report

Results from the national Return to Work Survey show the strength and consistency of workplace...

RTW and the workplace: Reciprocity rules

contributorMary Wyatt, using a Safe Work Australia report

Results from the national Return to Work Survey show the strength and consistency of workplace...

Influence: Steps to instantly connect with the claimant

contributorCarolyn Mounce

Building immediate rapport in return to work can turn adversary into ally.

The art of influence in return to work

contributorCarolyn Mounce

Are the latest sales and marketing techniques an untapped resource in return to work?

Examining supervisor competencies and return to work

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

Competencies supervisors need to affect positive RTW outcomes for workers suffering...

Tension before and after an injury

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

A cost analysis of workplace culture and its impact on return to work

Are you a Manager, a Leader or both?

contributorLori Boys

We should no longer manage, we should many times have you heard that?

Mental health buy-in

contributorTom Barton

Financial commitment is just the beginning

WEBINAR - Using surveys to understand your workplace and prevent claims

contributorDr Peter Cotton

Dr Peter Cotton explains how understanding workplace morale and quality of management allows...

Why train supervisors and line managers in return to work?

contributorDr Mary Wyatt

A Powerpoint presentation on the whys and wherefores of supervisor training in RTW management.

Impatient with patients on modified duties

contributorMary Harris

After foot surgery, rehab professional Mary Harris gains first hand insight into how co-workers...

Health and wellbeing in the real world

contributorGabrielle Lis

Trouble convincing your organisation to invest in workplace health and wellbeing? Try these...

Supervisors up to scratch?


If we can train good superheros (ahem - take yours truly for example) then surely we can train...

Looking for a late new year's resolution?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Forget vowing to give up chocolate, how about resolving to better look after employees in the...

What do you bring to work?

contributorAnna Kelsey-Sugg

Not your roll or leftover pasta - but what attitude or outlook do you bring? Find out why it's a...

Participative Planning

contributorRobert Hughes

Workplace culture glue and review

Saying 'I do' to employee engagement: part 2

contributorScott Sanderson

We look at the practical measures organisations can take to encourage employees to work with...

Saying 'I do' to employee engagement: part 1

contributorScott Sanderson

In Part 1 of this 2-part series we explore the characteristics and benefits of engaged employees

Managing up

contributorGabrielle Lis

Influencing people above you in the organisational hierarchy is good for your career and can...